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Living in Belize

Sunny Sunday


Did the princess in bed afternoon – lay there with sun streaming across the bed, good music, 0 magazine and a snack.

Beth met Flat Stanley this morning – they hit it off instantly. He was wearing his new shirt from yesterday, you can already tell he is getting a bit of color from the sun.

Shout out from Flat Stanley to… Houston USA – Hayward USA – Mississauga Canada -Milburn USA – Meriden USA – Newbury UK – Manchester UK – thanks for reading tacogirlblog

Met Wade last night at Pedro’s he happened to be hanging out with Richard. Wade donated a bunch of cool stuff for kids prizes. After seeing him we dropped stuff at home via cab then ambled off to Dick and Carole’s for dinner. They were having a nice BBQ for Denise as she leaves this week to go back to Canada – I am sure we will see her again next year.

Flat Stanley and Beth

Prize donations for Cinco De Mayo – thanks Wade

Wade the Gringo

Flat Stanley making more friends

Flat Stanley with Emma and Erica

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  1. tacogirl May 31, 2008

    We are all totally loving flat Stanley – thanks so much for sending him to visit.

  2. travelqueen April 13, 2008

    Oh my gosh… freakin cute!.. and so is Flat Stanley! lol


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