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Kids speak loud and clear

Many of you know a bit about the school from the school blog or have taken time to help out in some way. The following email from Miss Francis shows just how far your help goes right from the source – the kids.

There are such a wide range of answers about what the kids are getting from going to school at Holy Cross. Amazing to read what they have to say about how school makes them feel and what they like about it. If it was me back in grade school, I would have been a bit more hard pressed for answers other than vacation time, recess, lunch break and art lol.

Dear Friends of Holy Cross,
There are so many exciting things happening here – I could easily write volumes! Relax…I’ll save all that wonderful information for the next Update – smile. I have something much more important to share today!!

Several weeks ago I gave each class a writing assignment. The children were asked to answer the question, “Why I Like Holy Cross Anglican School”. The teachers were under strict instructions NOT to edit or correct anything. I’ve lifted excerpts from their responses and I think they’re priceless – spelling and all. There are LOTS of comments but I thought you could choose to read them at your leisure. I’ve spent days reading them with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. Many thanks and blessings, Francis PS: the younger students drew pictures – they are wonderful too!!

“Why I Like Holy Cross Anglican School” ……. there are no typos – it’s the children’s spelling! No organization either – just the order I read them.

Jordin – food, healthy snacks, books

Penny – it is beautiful, my teacher treats us nice, I love the food, the church serbice I like good

Christian – I like chapel, my clas, the cafeteria, lunch, brac, bracfast, play, my cher, my desk. I love my techer

Gissell – my teacher is pretty, the cafeteria is nise food, my school got all that I want.

Ahita – they share with me pencil, they teach me a lot, I love the food is good. I like teacher she teachs me good she ta care of her class is so pretty

… – in the cafitiria they give lunch, they take care of us, I have lot of friends

Hazel – the cafitira they give breakfast at the morning and at the afternoon lunch, they shar with me eraiser and pensil, food are nice and the jucie

Esmeralda – I like the juice because when I am dying of tirst they just give me, they teach good

Anna – I love the school because I feel safe and am learing a lot.

Eduardo – I like holly cross because we have some wonderful Teachers that can teach very good. We have some very good times when we have party or when our principal is in a good mood. It is good because some people cant afford to make their children go to school and get what they need to go to school. We have a wonderful nurse that take care of us when we get sick or get pain. I like the school because we will be participating in a football tournament on april the fifth. We have a good football coach that is getting us prepare fore the game.

Lupita – because I want a good future. Because the teachers teach good. They are kind but when they need to be strick they are strick but that is good. I love attending school because my friends are there and I prefer 100 times being at school than being or staying at home maybe because I know that I will learn something new and that I will have funn with my teachers and friends.

Shaunne – I like this school because of the wat it is organized. They also treat us in a very good way. It is very good that you don’t let us come out of the schooground if we come in. That shows us that you care about us. I would like for you to tell the ladies that cook for us that they always do a good job. The teachers also do a good job. They never last hope in you. As long as they know you don’t know something they will keep tring until you get it. I will miss Holy Cross so much.

Estrella – The thing that I love is that the teacher they never give up. I give thank to the ladies that cook at the kitchen so delicious. They never are late with the food they always are in time.

Lizamdro – I think that someday I will be a doctor because Holy Cross will give me the education to go to high school and further.

Azel – I like Holy Cross because my mom learn English at night closes. Because it is a Christian school and have a guard at the gate to take care of the bikes and because they will buld a playground and is not dirty it is clean.

Ashy – soon there will be a computer lab which will be BIG.

Joseline – I like my school because we have visitors almost every day. In school we get big books , they are heavy.

Yvan – I like holy cross because it is a good school and is run by good rules. The teachers are kind.

Nora – the teacher give us a chance to learne and I have alost of friends …the school is very clean and pretty…they give us food and we don’t have to go home in the hot sun..soon we will have a compoters room

Karla – they treat you special on your birthday and it is safe for the kids

Leonely – it is surrounded by the logoon . In the logoon we have fishes and they come close to our varand. They give us nice food and vitamins…I like the teachers and I have a lots of friend

Shareny – my school is fun because I eat food at my school. Miss Glenda (the school nurse) help my mom and me..dat school is the bes school in the woul

Mcleisha – I love my school because it is beside the lagoon giving off one of the greatest view and sweet sea breeze in the heat of the sun. I can go on and on about everything I love about my school but the love that the teachers give back is the greatest of all things I love about Holy Cross. I hope to be a graduate of Holy Cross in the future. I will always love my school.

Jonothan – I love Holy Cross because they love me and the crildren they give free clothes, food, pencils and book

Esther – Holy Criss is the best school in the contry it has nas teachers and they give food and have niz sports games

… – them give pensil, unefam, food, toys

Josselin – we hava big class room, pretty bathroom, medicines, food, vitamins, sport, nice snack. I give thanks to the visitors because they help us to build the school

Carla – they give food and brekfas and they ceary the children to the doctor and they give medicin and lunch is nice and break is nice too and we go for pee we play football. I give thanks to the visitors and they paint the classes and I give thanks to the teachers to help us teach.

What I like is the classroom, my friends and the teacher. We play games and sing in class for lunch we have som food.

Kellin – At school every one love been a student specialy my self. Here we are thought how God want us to be to respect and love one another. They are looking forward on your future and not if you are poor.

Yannatte – I like the cafeteria because it is so so beautiful and they give us food.

Laura – Holy Cross school offers a lot good thing to children. I get nice food such as fruits ricebeans begetable. They give breakfast and vitamins and books, pencil, and toys they also gives us medinines that keep us healthy and ready to work. The teachers are nice to us. Because of all this I love Holy Cross. I want to be here for many years when I grow up I want to be a teacher at Holy Cross to help the children just as they helped me.

Jessie – this is the best school the teacher, food and frends are the beast

Elox – they give healty food and volunteer come to talk with us

I love dise school because they are Christians and they love to prase the lord gesus crise everyone is loveing,

Lester – they give niz food

Orlando – I like my school because I going to lorn

Maximino – I like Holy Cross because they teoch me how to read and write and also because we have fun when it comes to play time and also the school give us things lik pencils books sharpeners and they also give us food. Wey this are only some of the things that I like or think or say and write about my school a school that I am glad to attend I will also lik to say thank you to my teacher who takes her time to teach me.

Job – sometimes when we are good with our teacher we get prices.

Eluteria – I give thanks for who said to do Holy Cross School

Neha – I love Holy Cross because it is so awesome and when tourists come to visit our school they make us to have fun and in the cafetierya they make us to have free food and the teacher never lash but they can scold you to stop playing around and lisen and be quiet. They treat us good but they don’t want notting to happen to us and they cape us halite and niet and you can make friend.

Rosita – they give free food and they give all the thing what you need and they give snak and luch.

Christian – At Holy Cross there are a lot of people who can your friends. We got an good education and we have breakfast and lunch everyday. All the workers and teachers and prichipal don’t lash us and the lunch ladies could cook very nice. The children of the wourld has to come at Holy Cross Anglican School because it is heaven.

Ching – I am here to learn about God the father and the Son Jsus Christ and also the school is beautiful. There will also be a computer lab this year and they are serving delicious food in the cafeteria.

Wendy – The visitors are really kind and they help the school and soon we will have a playground and they are teaching me Spanish.

Roger – I don’t have a father and I have the opportunity to go (to Holy Cross) because it is cheep and the school feeds us breakfast and lunch.

Lloyd – because they teach good and we hav fun usually . we don’t worry to go home to eat because we are sure that Anglican School will give us food.

Rafael – we have good vistors and is help us to do our work and Ineed to pas the class to go to hi scool.

Reni – Holy Cross Anglican School rock. I love HCAS because I love bananas, orange, watermelom.

Wendy – because they don’t lash me and because visiters come her and because the teachers teach goode and because it’s a cristain church and has selebratsions.

Marian – I love the delishos food they give me every day. All the teachers are very kindly to us. Having a nurse when we are sick at school she is their for us.

Samuel – I love this school because it gives us an good education, it have nice teachers, students and tourists. Holy Cross building is beautiful and is close to where I live. The school is Christian and it has a guard at the gate to take care of the bikes. All the teachers teach well and us nice. Thank to the workers that work in the school.

Marian – I love the belishos (delicious) food they give me every day. All the teachers are very kindly to us. Having a nurse when we are sick at school, she is their for us.

Wendy – I love Holy Cross because they make me lorn (learn) and because to make friends and for education and because they don’t beet me and because visitors come and the teachers teach goode and because it is a cristian school.

Renisha – they give children an opportunity to learn.

Heidy – it has good cookers who make sure to prapare us some delicious highly balance meal. We also have a spacious cafeteria where we eat and at the same time it is used for chapel. They give good snack at school. The school give us more things then at oter schools. We have a lot of friendly people at school like tourisit and teachers.

Rafael – it is the bes school in the earth.

Lloyd – They teach good and we have fun and usually we don’t want to go home.

Roger – I don’t have a father and I have the opportunity to go because it is cheep and the school feeds us breakfast and lunch.

Wendy – the teachers are kind and they don’t lash us. The school is beautiful it give us an opportunity to learn about God and his only son our lord and soon we will have a computer lab. The visitors are really kind.

Christian – There are alot of people who can be your friends We got an good education and we have breakfast ans lunch every day. The classrooms and bathrooms are beautiful and all the teachers and principal don’t lash us and the lunch ladies could cook very nice and a library that is now building….The children of the world have to come at Holy Cross because it is heaven.

Rosita – I love Holy Cross because they give free food and they give all the thing what you need and they give snak and luch and our teacher is not bad.

Bricey – The uniform that we use is beautiful because it look good on me. I always like to go to chapel because we sing we pray we hear stories.

_ I like the school because it is a place where we see fish.

Victor – I love the discipline and strict principal and teachers. I like the knowledge and many books for education. The church services bring me loser to god.

…some of the stoudantes are bad but the teacher take care of the problem. And they make you eat everyday and they make you take care of your body and they make you lorned very good every day so we want to come every day.

Christian – I like chapel I like my class I like my teacher I like the cafeteria I like lynch I like brac I like bracfast I like play I like my cher I like my desk

Valerio – the fruits are very healty you can see that these people only try to see us helty and strong. The Christmas party were very fun. I want thank especily my teacher and other people like the volunteers they have been there fore me when I need them. Thank you may god help you as you helped me.

Jeffrey – The volunteers is helping our school the fruits is nais for break the principal is asom. I like best about the shol I gat to ras the flag ever monin.

Hemandez – I like the way they treat me here and most of all I like the way the teachers teach. They make you comprehend very quick.

Estellita – They help you with food and they also want the best for you and they want make you be healthy, strong and smart.

Marina – I love attending this school because the food and teachers are excellent. And because the School has a grate principal with a lats of patience with the children. So does the school nerce.

Rahgeedah – The people at holy cross is very good people. The volunteers help buld the school the teachers help teach the students the friends and principal are good people.

Virginia – the people in holy cross is funny and oky and there kind and helpful. The volunteers are kind and helpful and sometime teach us.

Ana – Something special I like about the school the nurse because when a person is sick or have headache she give us peils that is good. The best I like about the school is every thing.

Jaritzy – The school is prity. The school teach us how to pray to the lord.

Jonathan – The volunteers are very generous and very sincery. Teachers at the school are the same but sametime they get mad. I don’t blame the teacher I blame the student.

Evelin – I like the principal because she is responsible and making sure the children get a good education. Holy Cross is one of my best school I had ever attend.

Kiara – The teachers, volunteers, friends and principal are very nice to us. They talk to us very nice and they want to keep us safe and to have a good education. Someone I love at the school is my teacher.

Damaris – I like the volunteers because they are not shay like other people. The cafeteria food is good for me and other people.

Gaspar – I like the breeze and the cafeteria because it is a nice place for a school just like a boat floating in the lagoon.

Nolbin – What I like best is that they want too take good care of you. I want to tank the volunteers that they will make the computer labe and library for us to use. I love this school.

Francisco – I love Holy Cross because it is the best school and it has the best teachers because I have a lot of fun at the school and all the visitors are very nice to us they treate us and show us a lot of things some maths and language and I like the school because they give us food.

I love holy cross because I want to lon to rand and I like to stody hard and I want my famili to de proud of me

I love it so, so, so much I feel if I want to live in holy cross.

Gabriel – thank the visiters . I apresheit the thing you had don for us and helping the school.

Isaias – I love the school because they give free food and is a beautiful school.

The Infant I and Infant II children drew pictures That you can enjoy when you visit Holy Cross. Here is what they liked best… food, weather chart, teacher, visitors, gifts, projects, church, oranges, bananas, books, juice, volunteers, rags day, watermelon, posters, my friends, recess, sweets, art, pictures on the wall, uniforms, footballs, juice, parties

Please send donations to: Holy Cross Anglican School
San Pedro Town
Ambergris Caye, Belize

4 thoughts on “Kids speak loud and clear

  1. tacogirl says:

    At Holy Cross food is definitly recognized as a key to proper education. In the beginning there were height weight studies done by Nurse Heather and right away it was clear that nutritional food had to be in the mix somehow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What speaks volumes Tacogirl is the Food program stands out as a large part of the Childrens life.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Heather – It really speaks volumes what those kids are saying about what they are getting from their experience.

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