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Sunday Jam at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar

Sunday Jam at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar

Estel’s for breakfast – nap – Sunday Jam at Crazy Canucks beach bar – Caroline’s Cooking for dinner and the people in the pics below [too many to name] all made our Sunday a super fun day. kcjayhawk was joking with us at dinner that this is the first time we have done breakfast and dinner together in the same day – if you count last night that is 3 meals in a row.


  1. Nice H2o – When you due back?

  2. Its that time of year…can’t wait to get back!!

  3. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna Belikin

  4. carbunkle trumpet

    At least I got a text from yall when you were having breakfast that day!

  5. Was great seeing you again.

  6. fun times for sure gial! xo

  7. Windchill sounds scary – I remember those days of wearing hats in house and still being cold. Emily after being here 5 years I am finding it very hard to imagine winter temps. Our friend from Ontario said it was -16 where she lives right now.

  8. Emily (@EmilySNC)

    Looks like a lot of fun, and great looking food, but mostly, I envy your wearing shorts! We’re in winter woolies here, scarves, gloves, hats and STILL cold. Windchill in the 20s all day today, low tonight in the teens! To think, we were supposed to be in San Pedro this week… wahhhhhh! 🙁

  9. Awwwww, thanks so much for the pictures!!!!!! I miss San Pedro and all my friends soooo much!!

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