5th Annual San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade

Tonight marks the he Fifth Annual Holiday Lighted Boat Parade. This year we got invited to go on Dick and Carole’s boat and to watch the parade from Coral Bay Villas – Chunky and Ruth are doing a shrimp boil. Tough choice as both options are very appealing – we are leaning towards the shrimp boil so we can see the Jayhawks and Scotty. The Parade starts at 7pm and the parade route has the boats boats going from  Boca del Rio to Caribbean Villas Resort and back.

Spent the morning working and running errands in town – was glad to get a lot done in a few hours. Was heading back home and Walter stopped to give me a lift which was perfect as I was able to drop the rotisserie chicken off at Chunky and Ruthie’s place – I could only handle the smell for so long without wanting to taste sooner than later. Not long after I got home travelqueen texted that she had landed in Belize City and was on her way to San Pedro – it was right about that time that I heard her plane coming and sure enough when I went out on the veranda a Tropic Air plane flew overhead. Shannon – Molly and I took a quick walk over to Dick and Carole’s place to say hi and watch everyone decorating Miss Carole. There was Christmas music playing and everyone was getting in on the action – Jimmy and Crystal turned up with a big cooler for the parade ride. Sand flies got bad so we came back home to get ready for the beach party. Was a fabulous time at Chunky and Ruthies boat parade beach party. It was my first shrimp boil and hopefully not my last. It superb and we got to watch the boats pass by while we were enjoying our dinner. Will link to news paper pics of boats tomorrow when planned power outage is done. Link to San Pedro Sun lighted Boat Parade pics.

6 thoughts on “5th Annual San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade

  1. Jan says:

    Appears great fun was had by all. 19 degrees here now (@ 3 in the afternoon). It was 5 degrees when I drove to work this morning. Brrrrr.

  2. Laura says:

    45 degrees this a.m., going way donw into the 20’s tomorrow! YIKES. Have fun in the sun. Merry Merry to All.

  3. tacogirl says:

    We are at 78.8f or 26c right now Becky. Will totally be enjoying sun – sand shrimp – sausage and boats shortly – will make a cheers for all you land locked Ambergris Caye Lovers.

  4. Becky says:

    Sounds like great fun. It is 33* here this afternoon. Enjoy the Sun and sand and shrimp for all us land locked Ambergris Caye lovers.

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