San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Sunday is not always a day of rest

Shannon leaves this morning boo hoo.

It will be a busy afternoon – 4 different events going on that I know of…

1. The usual meeting up at BC’s
2. Fishing tournament at BYC
3. Pig roast at Monkey bites / Canucks beach area
4. Fish Fry at Cathy’s house

1:05 pm supposed to be having a nap but it did not last long just ended up listening to music and had tv subtitled for a few min. I will head to BC’s soon – Leah-Ann is leaving soon and I am sure everyone is there having fun.

9:48 pm
pictures are up details will have to wait closing down pc for the night I am off to watch Dexter.

What a packed day yesterday. Got to see everyone at BC’s and made it for a bit before Leah-Ann left. Got to photograph Forrest ride in on his Hobi cat that was very cool.

We headed down towards the fishing tournament making a detour at canucks – saw pig roast – it started to rain so Laura KC and I went to Lagoon fish fry and Paul and Lara went to BYC. After KC and Lara dropped me off at BYC and I got to hear the band – watch fire show – eat bbq with Forrest on his balcony and hang out a bit as he is leaving for San Fran today.

Dennis – very gifted artist – lovely to talk to

Guess who?

Lovely day

Belikin Bill on harmonica

Nice ride (s)

Blue hat boy

Hanging out

Forrest arrives on his Hobi

Lisbon and Jackie

2m on drums

Dan sings us a song

Usual suspects were rockin

Rainbow – life is good


Melody and her crew

Getting out of the rain

Gino plays at fishing tournament

Fire in the rain


2 thoughts on “Sunday is not always a day of rest

  1. travelqueen says:

    That mystery pic looks a little like Bill Thornton but I haven’t seen him w/out a hat on… I give up.

    Glad you got a pic of Gino and band! I’ve wanted to get one of Justin so thanks!!! 🙂

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