San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Ebbs and flows

Carole just popped me on coconut phone for Tai Chi class – they are leaving now to come get me – sec to Zac said we would all see him soon – listening to Cocteau twins to set my mood – spice girls holler just came on.

Tai chi was fun today – had to hop the fence to get in that got us all smiling. We really focused on letting our breath move our bodies. Inhaling up and exhaling down as we moved through the class. Allowing for our breath to find it’s natural rhythm ebbing and flowing like the message boarders moving in and out right now and the Caribbean sea.

Catching a few min down time before I have to leave again. I am very lucky Paul is doing my shopping at big big tree right now. Ugh no watermelon I need a plan b now.

After a quick visit with Forrest at BYC, I popped down to Exotic Caye / Canucks but did not see Laura and KC so I headed off to a girls pot luck and had a great time. The food was delicious as was the conversation.

Happy to have a night off.

Carole’s turn

Next came Bonnie

Then Veronique and Muriel arrived

Zac teaching

Practice makes perfect

Tai chi walk

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