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Still in recovery mode and the last 48 h

This post was started last Thursday in the midst of getting my new laptop set and ready for work, I started experiencing a big bout of ADD and my brain was feeling like 220 plugged into a 110 socket. I knew I needed to just walk away from it all and shut down which is easier said than done. I decided that I was not going to do emails only, not blog or take any pictures during Dick’s 2 last days on the island before he starts traveling to Antarctic for his next contract.

The plan was to  go between taking as much quiet time with myself and Paul as I could and hanging out with Dick.

Darth Vader our joyride cart was down so we ended up on foot most of the time, we did get lucky and score a ride from Glenn the day we went souvenir shopping. Dick had promised to buy the girls at the Canadian office some picture frames and I was his wing-man for the job. I tried to be optimistic as we set out and kept my mouth shut on the topic as I truly believe that sometimes when you have nothing good to say it is better to say nothing.

As we started hitting the stores down front street and looking at frames Dick quickly realized that  not only were they over budget, most of the were not impressing him. After a few stores I told him the moral of this story is that it is ok to tell someone you are bringing them a Belize souvenir, but never tell them you are  a specific item unless you have found one that meets your souvenir buying criteria first. You could go as far as to even ask if there is a special request with no guarantees disclaimer, you never know who has a fridge magnet, shot glass or a coffee cup collection 🙂

We did make out ok in the end and ended up with a couple of nice wood frames and some Marie Sharps Pineapple jam from Super Buy South. The big boss Dougie several bottles of Marie Sharps hot sauce always a good gift, [we brought 6 bottles of it to Mexico for Taste of Playa 2012 to restock Sev and Rob] The kids turned out to be the easiest to shop for as right away he saw bracelets he thought they would like.

I thought that couple of days of downtime would have been enough of a decent fix but unfortunately it is just over a week later and I am still struggling to stop my head from spinning 24/7. So I decided with the help of Dr Al and Paul to stay in self imposed recovery and try to get as much quiet time in my head as I can.

Soon as this post and  the sheets are done I am going to make the bed fresh, going to lay in bed and listen to my urban San Pedro version of a leaf blower, the wood saw down the the road and hopefully get a small nap in. If I am lucky it will stop or become white noise and at least is a less offensive sound than the  guy across the canal drilling concrete yesterday afternoon. Kind of makes me appreciate the barking dogs a bit more on the noisy neighborhood scale.

Don’t forget it is the annual lighted boat parade tonight. If you are planning to come out, drop by Caprice at the Holiday Hotel to watch it that is where the judging table and all the best boat action will be – 6pm a good to to show up. Not making any promises but if I can get internet  I will live stream the parade for all of you.

These pictures are ones I took on our Friday evening  date night last night. We had a great time at the National Emergency Management Organization end of Hurricane Season Thank You Social upstairs at Fido’s.

conch shell inn
Conch shell Inn decorated for Christmas
belize beaches
Anonymous random Self portrait on the beach in San Pedro
belize bars
Upstairs of Cholo’s decorated
fidos bar
Great conversations with Joy Flowers, Frank Paton, Jeromy Timrose, Dennis Craft and Mr Ack. The Fried Chicken and Cevichie was great.
downtown san pedro
The Christmas tree in Central Park is going up


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