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International Volunteer Day

Today is  International Volunteer Day, and I got a forwarded email from Lily Bowman Director General of the Belize Red Cross about celebrating over 13 million Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers around the world and strengthening the commitment to creating safe and enabling environments in which the Red Cross Volunteers can continue their extraordinary work. She also went into include her own note of thanks in appreciation for the volunteers in every Branch, every program and every project. Without them, Belize Red Cross would never have achieved all its goals.

I would like to thank all those [and there are many] who are slowly but surely helping the San Pedro Branch and the Belize Medical Safety program come together.

We are currently looking for people to be nominated for the San Pedro Branch board and the following volunteer positions needed to be filled are as follows:
Youth representative
2 ordinary members

If you or someone you know is a good candidate for any of the positions above please email me at We are also in need an office coordinator a few days a week.

As for the medical safety program, in January 2013,  San Pedro and Belmopan are the two branches that will hold certified first aid training.

San Pedro will be held on Thursday January 3rd at Legends Burger House and and Belmopan Thursday  January 17th  Many of the businesses that sent staff in San Pedro are sending more and Belmopan City Online has been helping promote the program.

This course is not limited to businesses any individual who wants to help Make Belize a safeer place can get certified in any district of Belize. We will be running ongoing courses and can get one started by group request.

Find out how you or your business can participate in the Belize Red Cross Medical Safety program and get a dated Red Cross Medical Safety button for your website. Please contact the Belize Red Cross branch nearest you or Headquarters at Tel: (501)-227-3319. You can also email Winnie Parchue at or Laurie Norton at

san pedro sun
Volunteers at Belize Red Cross fundraiser at Legends Burger House courtesy of San Pedro Sun.

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