San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Sprucing up San Pedro

I have been thinking about how we will decorate our new place and if we paint what color will it be. Apparently others are on an hgtv kick as well as there is lots of sprucing up and remodeling going on around town as you can see in the pictures below.

Busy day blogging then packing up the kitchen and wiping down all the drawers. Came back upstairs to work on a new school blog post. Now I am off to meet Paul and a few others to go to soft opening at Pinocchio the new Italian restaurant down the road – where Gordo’s used to be.

Carbunkle Trumpet in answer to your text a few days back – official word is the new Tropic air terminal will be open at the end of June. Here are a few pics so you can see how it is coming along.

p.s. Everyone seems ok here after early morning shaking from last nights earthquake which stemmed off the coast of La Ceiba, Honduras. I woke at what I am guessing was around 3:30am to feel our bed and house shaking mildly. I was in a sleep hazy at the time and was not sure what to make of it. Wishing everyone on Honduras well and hoping no-one got hurt badly or suffered to much damage from the quake. Kainie said there was a 30 foot sinkhole up north this morning  – just south of Ak’bol – pics of it on San Pedro Sun blog. You can see pictures of the damage in Placencia and earthquake images from Honduras up on the Ambergris Today Blog.

new tropic air terminal san pedro belize

New Tropic Air Terminal

new tropic air terminal san pedro belize

Set to open end of June

new tropic air terminal san pedro belize

Hopefully just in time for Lobsterfest

front street san pedro belize

Below are a few pics of some makeovers happening downtown and the finished stairs at Pedro’s Hotel.

tourist information center san pedro belize
san pedro town hall belize
middle street san pedro belize
pedros hotel

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