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Spotty Internet

Our internet has been very spotty lately especially last night. I thought we were ok today and I was catching up on Mexico blogs (see my links section to find them) and writing rsvp email to the Latin American Bloggers Meeting when we started bouncing yet again.

Just checked the tv and it is down too I cannot even watch what not to wear while waiting for the internet to go back up ha ha â left tv on mute to see if service comes back soon.

Paul is using the time to get a couple of buckets of laundry on the go. I had been thinking about doing same this morning but that thought was short lived as I got distracted by my morning lap top and coffee time. Since I have a few blogs loaded before the net went down I will continue my reading.

4:50 pm still bouncing like a ping-pong ball â this is getting old fast.

6:58 pm trying to get a few pics up of todays parade to go with this post and no luck as of yet – I seem to be able to stay on net although it is slowed to a crawl but not stay logged into coconut phone.

Our neighbor’s daughter Alison just came over to sell us tickets for BBQ Sunday. They are having a Grupo Juvenil raiser – she said they are doing a yard sale and some other stuff at the old football field tomorrow – BBQ will be around noon. If you have some spare time stop by and enjoy the festivities for a good cause. (tickets say the airstrip area)


Marching band

Child stimulation month – they could have picked a better slogan

2 thoughts on “Spotty Internet

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi JR
    Was great to meet you too. I am sure we will see you again. Glad you enjoy the blog. Bingo is a fun option for night time entertainment here that pleasantly surprises a few people.

  2. JR says:

    Thanks for doing this blog, it was nice to meet you and Paul at Bingo night, which much to my surprise was a lot of fun.
    JR (Lara’s friend)

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