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Beams of light

Ray’s of sunlight were sparkling in the water at our snorkel spot – it was quite deep we saw many fish swimming below there was also a cavern that looked really cool. After watching a long thin striped fish hang out under the boat for a while we decided to drive slowly north a bit.

On or way back down the Island, we stopped at Portofino to check out the new pool – it looks great. Got to see Helda and Jan for a bit then it was time to head home as the sun was going down.

We caught a gorgeous sunset on our way back to town.

Big waves


Dick in his new Captains chair


New chairs

Nice pool


Big Anchor



Almost gone


  1. The pics are so summer reminding. Its summer again in the tropics. I can’t wait for that. Nice Blog!

  2. Thanks Cath and Colomojo – Seeing a good sunset is a great reminder of why we came here.

  3. TacoGirl – that sunset is magnificent! Absolutely breathtaking – just what I need to start my day today since it is snowing here in the Rockies!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The colours of your sunset are totally amazing! Breathtaking!

    I am not a jealous person but reading your blog just might convert me :~)

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