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Special Ed Class

This morning I took Jobelize to the school. She wanted to go and sit in on the special ed class to see what ideas she might have on how to help the class be the best it can be.

She brought some old dive belts to use as transfer belts for the wheel chair kids. This helps not only for the teachers back, but the Child’s joints do not get stressed while being lifted.

Though she was observing the group as a whole, she spent time with one boy in particular. Jamie is in a wheel chair and does not have good use of his right leg and hand. Both are atrophied from not using them enough. Jo and the teachers got him up to practice learning to walk. It was clear he was hesitant to put that foot down. She also did some massage and stretching work on his leg and got him holding a rolled up face cloth to help his hand improve range of motion.

Jobelize thinks that with a good foot brace and tennis shoes he will be able to do much better in being able to walk. Jo is also looking at putting together some picture boards this will help the kids start thinking in terms of full sentences.

There are 15 students enrolled in special ed class although they rarely have more than 10 show up on any given day. Right now there is no set curriculum, just a loving teacher who has some experience working with special needs children.

Currently there are 4 with Downs Syndrome, 2 with autism, 2 hearing impaired who go in and out of the class, 4 in wheel chairs with additional mental impairment and several with undiagnosed challenges. Age range is from 5 to 14.

Although most of my time this morning was in the special ed room, I could not help but walk around a bit and shoot pictures of the other kids. They were all in fine form today smiling and playing around for the camera. I got lots of hugs and one hand drawn picture.

Enjoying breakfast with a friend

Getting breakfast

MMM breakfast burrito in special ed class

Wonderful Women who cook for the kids standing beside the stoves purchased with donations

Special ed kids doing their work

Special ed kids

Posing for pictures – she kept asking for me to take another every so often

These special ed kids are smart and happy to be in class

Jo using transfer belt with Jamie – he took to it right away

Jamie practicing walking – he has trouble going heel to toe but he gave a good effort

Jamie practicing walking to Jo with teachers help – he was happy to be up and about

Jamie getting his leg worked on

Enjoying morning fruit snack in special ed room

Jamie learning to hold a rolled up wash cloth to help his hand

Today they each got half an orange

Smart looking kids

This one loves getting his pic taken – look at that smile

Having a great day

Hamming it up for a picture

What a smile – now that is one happy kid

These kids are so bright

Morning fruit snacks

Helping his classmates get their hands clean before getting their fruit

3 happy boys

Enjoying morning break

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