San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Early morning fishing

Today we got up very early to go fishing with Carole and Dick. When the clock went off at 4:30 am I was not ready to get up. (stayed up too late watching a crazy movie)

They picked us up at 5:30 and we drove far south to go fishing. The fish got lucky but we did not. They kept eating our bait and we came up empty handed.

After the sardines were done we packed up and drove around for a bit. Saw some really nice houses and went to parts of the island we do get to often. While winding ourselves back up through DFC area we decided it would be fun to pop in on Cindy and Paul for a visit. It was just after 9 am and we knew they were planning to take the boat out around 10:30 we figured it would be ok. Had a nice visit and got to see Maya and Colette as well as they turned up for the fishing excursion.

After leaving Cindy and Paul’s Dick and Carole decided that it would be refreshing to go for a swim, being good passengers we could not refuse so we all headed off to Fido’s South Sand Bar for a dip and some bowling.Later that night we went to Dick and Carole’s for dinner. Dick picked us up in the golf then we went to get Paul and Cindy. They caught lots of fish when they went out with Maya and Colette, so they gave us each some.

Driving south

Paul setting up a couple water bottle fishing rods

Dick casting off

Dick on Mangroves

Carole holding her catch of the day (seaweed)

Checking bait which kept getting eaten


Quiet fishing Spot

Paul on mangroves

Paul holding his catch (big twig)


Sand piles in the middle of the road

Blue House

House on the water

Road South

Interesting architecture

Well landscaped

South end of island

Big white house

Orange and yellow window frames

Blue house

Dog was chasing us and barking like mad

Lots of curves

Blue boat

Loading produce for town

Lots of hard wood

Looking at property on the lagoon

Nice house

Great veranda

House on the lagoon

Good porch

Paul and Cindy’s Boat

Cooling off in the pool at Fido’s Sand Bar

Sand Bowling at Fido’s south

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