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Space clearing

Last night at Hideaway Sharon mentioned that there was a family in Belmopan area of Belize that needed help – they had a house fire and lost everything. She is organizing a stuff drive to send things over there this weekend and collecting anything that people want to donate.

Luckily I did not go through my things as well as I could have for the stuff swap so I am sure I can find more to clear away.

If you have anything to donate please contact Sharon through her blog or email me through the one listed in my profile.

Paul left his bike down south so we decided to enjoy a nice evening walk to go pick it up from Paul and Cindy’s place. Stopped at Canucks on the way for a refresher.

Walk to Paul and Cindy’s and back. 8054 steps – 5920 aerobic steps – 52 min aerobic activity – 2.54 miles

Cartoon courtesy of Gurustu

2 thoughts on “Space clearing

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thankful I have not experienced loosing it all. I did end up giving most of it away but at least that was by choice.

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