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Weather In Belize

Solar Halo Over San Pedro


Yesterday afternoon thanks to following my instinct and deciding to text tacoboy to see if he was having a good day at work, he replied back right away telling me to look at the sun. I went outside on the veranda, looked up and saw something super cool – a big halo around the sun. Of course I grabbed my camera and started snapping away to get a few good shots of this interesting weather phenomenon – not every day you get to see a solar halo.

Solar Halos occur with cirrus clouds which have a thin and wispy appearance and are high altitude clouds, usually above 20,000 feet. These high altitude clouds are made of mostly ice crystals in the atmosphere which refract sunlight much like a prism does creating the colors of a rainbow around the sun.

solar halo

Solar Halo over San Pedro

high altitude Cirrus clouds and solar halo

High altitude cirrus clouds and solar halo

Cirrus clouds and solar halo

Cirrus clouds and solar halo

Halo around the sun belize

Halo around the sun

Rainbow ring around the sun belize

Rainbow ring around the sun

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  1. tacogirl May 15, 2012

    Could also be early warnings of the rain we are about to get ha ha. Hopefully more prepared for that now that leaky windows are fixed than the rapture.

  2. al salter May 15, 2012

    Could be the early warnings of the rapture. Are you prepared Laurie?
    1 Thessalonians 4:17

  3. tacogirl May 14, 2012

    Thanks Emily, I put my sunglasses on to help me see what shots I was getting.

  4. Emily May 14, 2012

    You got some really great shots of it, Laurie. I couldn’t even see what was in my viewfinder when I pointed the camera up towards it it was so bright, so I just pointed and clicked and didn’t get it all. What an interesting phenomenon it was!


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