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Almost Stormy

Judging from the size and color of the storm clouds yesterday as Dick and I left the taco shack, we were expecting to get soaked at the beach. Both of us were waterproofed and excited at the thought of getting soaked in a good downpour. As it turns out we barely got wet.  You just never know what Belize weather will do.

After I got home I checked my San Pedro Belize Weather and it showed we were supposed to get .4 mm of rain total for, but it seems like we fell short of that in our area. I’m wondering if anyone else got stronger storm action on Ambergris Caye that we did.

When I clicked view detailed forecast for San Pedro it looks like  we will get some rain from tomorrow afternoon for the next few days. Temperature clocked in at a high of 29°C or  83°F and low of  26°C or 78°F with winds at 18mph / 28kph ENE.

Reminder from Timrose at NEMO – Hurricane season is upon us and it is time to get prepared. Pacific Hurricane season dates from today May 15th to November 30th and Atlantic hurricane season dates are from June 1st to Nov 30th. Weather in Belize can change quickly.  When you want to check out coming storm action – Nemo, National Hurricane Center website and Wunderground both great sites.

Belize Weather brings Storm clouds
Belize Weather brings Storm clouds
Weather in Belize is stormy
Looks like a big storm coming
current san pedro belize weather
Heading to the beach
Belize Weather Forecast - a Storms Coming
Belize Weather Forecast – a Storms Coming
The Weather for Belize is possible storms
Walking on favorite road
weather in san pedro
Heading to the beach to storm watch
san pedro belize weather report
Big storm cloud
may weather in belize
Dock time
weather ambergris caye belize
Cloud watching
temperatures in belize
belize weather in may
Heading home

4 thoughts on “Almost Stormy

  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for asking them, Laurie. Yesterday morning was the first time I’ve seen a temp. below 80 on our outdoor digital thermometer in a long time. It was 76 when I got up in the morning in the spitting rain, and it felt great to me. I got out for a beach run for the first time in a month. This morning it was back to 83 when I got up at 7 am!

  2. tacogirl says:

    We did not get much rain in our area for daytime though it was hazy in the morning and looked like we might get a shower. Got a heavy blast for a while around 3:00am. World Weather is where my temps come from, I just wrote them and asked why the difference. Not sure about up at Grand Caribe this morning but here was cool enough on our veranda for tacoboy to reach for light hoodie.

  3. Emily says:

    We got a sprinkle yesterday and a sprinkle today. When we got to town yesterday, it looked like there had been a lot more rain in town as the roads/gutters were all wet. It has definitely been looking more overcast and hazy lately — wonder if that ring around the sun on Sunday signaled an early start to rainy season? Heard that from one local anyway.

    Just curious where you get your weather forecast and feed from. Your temperatures, both low and high, are always cooler than what we see on our digital thermometer here and what is reported on the official San Pedro weather site ( They haven’t shown a low below 81 for awhile that I recall, and usually show a high of around 87. That’s more like what we see up at Grand Caribe. I like your temps better (!), but am not sure if they are truly accurate.

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