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Social Media Workshop

In today’s business world it is it is important to include a good social media marketing strategy – especially when Google is indexing content posted on Facebook Fan Pages – twitter and Linked in. Many businesses are realizing that social media is a part of building a successful Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

According to the 3,300 marketers  who participated in the 3rd annual 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry survey by Michael Stelzner – The biggest benefit of social media for business is increased brand awareness – observed by 88%. Other benefits included more site traffic – improved search rankings – increased sales and people found they were twice as likely to get qualified leads. Social media can be used to  get your name out there faster and further than traditional businesses marketing and numbers show that business that invest more time in social media see more results generated from doing so.

I am very excited to be at the SunBreeze Hotel attending the  Social Media and SEO Workshop hosted by Belize Tourism Industry Association – Belize Hotel Association and Belize Tourism Board. There are new always things to learn when it comes to Seo and Social Marketing. If you are a Belize business owner and could not make it today – I highly recommend  trying to attend the workshop over the next two days in Belize City or Cayo.

I will be back later with an update with a write up about the workshop and what was covered.

After the workshop I had to run a couple of Nuevo Marketing errands then stop at Healthy Belize and pick up my veg order from Zac. Got some new things to try like organic corn on the cob – apples – oranges and a bunch of my regular favs. I am so the health food store is up and running and he has a great email order system in place – shopping from home totally works for me.

Back to this afternoon – the room was filled with people of all skill levels in regards to social media and SEO. Richard Beane Belize internet Marketing and Julie Schwietert  MatadorU both did a great job of presenting us with useful information and getting us to interact and ask questions throughout their presentations.

We got a lot of info  today – hooray for handouts. Time to go relax  so I can begin process it all and finish this post.

The morning part of the workshop was all about SEO. Richard talked about key word searches – global travel trends – do’s and don’t of website design – increasing site traffic and more.  Even though I know most people have their web and marketing people do their SEO – I think it is great for everyone to be educated in this area so that they know more about what it involved and have a basic handle on SEO. Richard also gave us a search engine quiz on what factors can increase your ranking in search engines and had the room call out the answers.

Julie took over speaking for the afternoon slot and enlightened the room on what social media is and how to use it. She touched on a lot of familiar social media sites like twitter and facebook and brought up a few that are not as well known like Gowalla and foursquare. Julie also talked about identifying sm goals – measuring outcomes and how sites like photobucket and flickr are adopting more social media options such as share buttons and becoming more interactive.


Published April 7,

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  2. Alan Slater says:

    I don’t know so much about Social Media Marketing, as my mind is still building Bottle Islands, with Pirates and stuff, but now I have decided that if it could be built big enough, maybe Johnny Depp would come and christen it along with Richart!!! Hows that for media marketing??? If everyone brought a netbag full of bottles on AmbC. it wouldn’t take long!!!! Ambition is a fine thing, but one can dream!!!
    Alan S.

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