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Here there and Everywhere

After the pool I stopped by the health food store to  pick up my coconut water – some more wax apples and lychee nuts. Found out the Lichee are grown in Belmopan – those are a big reminder of Toronto China Town.  I had a chance to meet the new Iridologist – can’t wait to try it. She is very interesting and well trained which is great – we need all the healthy healing options available these days.

Going to take a much needed break while I wait  for Zac to send I shot in his camera today – he has a 12 mega pixel slr and I wanted to test it. Will be back to post pics when he sends them.

Ambergris Caye Beaches
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Ended up at Roadkill Trivia last night and even though there were only 2 teams [10 of us] playing we had a great time and bounced back and forth through out the game for the lead. Our team the roadkill  tacos ended up making a comeback and holding out for the win.

Afterward we offered Michelle a lift back to the water taxi dock and just made it to DandE’s for some ice cream. Hearing Matt’s vanilla review before we  we both decided to have a scoop of that with a fudge bulls eye and peanuts on top.

Pics of all Zac’s fridges full of organic vegetables fruits and herbs. Last pic below is hard to see the names on the peanuts from Sol Farms – some of them are pretty finny – Naked Nuts – Bun Yo Nuts and  Jerk Mi nuts.

Organic Produce Belize

Belize organic Produce

Ambergris Caye health food store

Belize health food store

4 thoughts on “Here there and Everywhere

  1. tacogirl says:

    I do not think it is so far fetched especially after studying reflexology charts. I will let you know how it is when I try it Allan. My friend in Canada swore by it he said the woman who saw him told him things about his body and health she could not know any other way.

  2. Allan Salter MD says:

    Iridology is based on the bizarre belief that each area of the body is represented by a corresponding area in the iris of the eye (the colored area around the pupil). According to this viewpoint, a person’s state of health and disease can be diagnosed from the color, texture, and location of various pigment flecks in the eye. Iridology practitioners claim to diagnose “imbalances” that can be treated with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and similar products. Bunch of crp psudoscience.

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