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Simple Baby Shower

I was giving it my best shot trying to get the lighted boat parade post done before the  party and realized I better start the simple baby shower one for the many people who wanted to be here to wish Cindy and Andy well in person but could not come. Always so much to do and so little time to get it done.

It all started with waking up to a power out, Cindy  and Paul were textng back and forth from 7:00am onward. We were all wondering if  we would need to scramble for a plan B as none of us had any idea that there was going to be an outage, she still needed to cook her curry and we had a freezer full of ice. Thankfully it lasted long enough for me to stay away from work do the chalk writing decorations. I never got a chance to ask Cindy if she got her pre-party nap, Paul and I did not.

All of the sudden the Baby Shower was in full swing and we had a backyard full of sailing club kids, friends food and fun.

Everything went very well all things considered. Cindy had not wanted a shower to begin with and we staved everyone off as long as we could but the baby shower people won out in the end and she agreed to have a no fuss no muss deal. I could see by the horrified look on her face as the Syme girls were describing traditional shower shower games that she was glad we did not subject her to any of that torture.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate, Cindy and Andy appreciated all the gifts, food and great turn out. She  decided to wait until she got home to look at everything as she did not want to mess up who gave what so she could do thank you cards. Amazingly we managed to fit everything but the rocking chair and the bunny potty on the ATV and our baby Mama was the designated driver.

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