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Living in Belize



Maureen is still away so I have been substituting for her at aquafit class.

After class I was about to start blogging and Mark came by. Had not seen him in a while so I was glad to hang out a bit. We got to talking about the garden and I showed him a few things that are growing. It was not long before we had our hands in the dirt. Mark started weeding and I took the task of cutting the dead leaves off the banana trees – what a job. I told Mark I am definitly a blogger and not a farmer – he reminded me that sometimes we have to do all things.

The goal is to get a bit more self sustaining. Cindy, Paul, Maya and Colette are all doing the same and getting things growing, so hopefully we can “keep up with the Jonses” and get some fruit and veggies to share.

Off to make a late lunch – going to cook up some delicious Capt Jeff barracuda for Mark and I. Paul politely declined on the offer – have to catch him in the right mood to get him to eat fish.

As you all know it is rainy season and we have been getting some good rain lately. Here are some puddle pics I took on my walk home from the pool.

Mary taking the puddle head on

Puddles at fitness club road

Heading to main road

Big puddle

Short detour in the direction of Pedro’s

Big lake that way

Back road hoome


Good sized puddles

wet roads

Area by Santiago Castillo

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  1. tacogirl October 10, 2008

    At least the rain cools down the sea which is a good thing right now to help keep hurricanes quiet.

  2. Michele in Playa October 10, 2008

    We’ve been getting a good soaking as of late. I’m over it and needing some sun!!


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