San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Lorie’s cake Party

I was woken up at 5 am by a text message from digicell telling me my text messages are about to run out. For about 2 seconds I thought I would get up and go catch the sunrise at the beach, instead I covered my eyes against the growing light and figured I could catch another hour sleep. Apparently not… all of a sudden a skeeter started buzzing in my ear – same one got to Paul too and he started stirring enough to get up so I figured I might as well get an early start to my day. Got to get busy helping Walter for his birthday party planning.

Just talked to Christine on the coconut phone she arrives Sunday.

Shout out to Herb and Zac both back in Canada.

4:00 pm – been busy a busy day. Luckily we got to take a chat break on the balcony after aquafit class because placed we had to go in town were closed for lunch. Been getting decorations ready for tomorrow. I was planning to get to the south beach meeting, but Paul came home with a change of plans and said I was needed to decorate for tonight as well. So I got more stuff from my stash and Paul, Mark and I headed over to Pedro’s early.

After decorating we needed a bit of a break, since Video Paul had to go back home to get shorts for Cindy, Paul, Mark and I decided to go along for the ride. We called Carole and told her we would pick her up along the way and Dick could meet us at Pedro’s after work. Pedro’s was packed with people celebrating Lorie’s birthday – was a great party.

Leaving you with updated information from Miss Dianne…
The memorial service for Lacy was was very nice and very well attended, though definitely missing were her boys, Chris and Eric. Between time and money it was not possible for either of them to attend. There is a private memorial service planned for when the boys are able to come to island – hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks. To date, $658.20 has been raised here to help with flight expenses. The money is being held in trust for them and will be converted to US$ by a patron here. We are still approximately $1800Bz short of our goal. The mailbox is still active for those of you wish to send a donation by mail (Unit %%% Quicksilver Messenger Service, San Pedro Town, etc., and I am still able to accept Western Union Money Transfers towards the fund for Lacy’s boys. Their Uncle Tim, island icon Barefoot Skinny, and father Dallas Dave appreciate all the support in memory of Lacy Budd.

Lara and Alaina

New Liquor box location

Back road by Pedro’s

Hanging out at CG Esthetic

Mark and 2 Pauls looking for new hairstyles

Asking Carole’s opinion

Birthday girl holding up a present

Celebrating at Lorie’s birthday

Big turn out

Mark helping with the cake

Lorie cutting her cake

Kathya and 2 Pauls

Lorie and Walter traded hats

Fabio I mean Video Paul and Lara

Lara and Walter

Girl shot

Big smiles

Brat pack

Pedro just rang the bell

Deep in conversation

Walter and Paul

The boys

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