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Living in Belize

Send Derrick to Berklee


It’s a perfect day to stay in and be cozy however we both decided that going to Derricks fundraiser at Crazy Canucks was definitely something worthy of getting us out of the house.  A great afternoon and very worth while cause – helping Derrick get to Berklee College of Music summer camp. Got a chance to see both Courtney’s too which was nice. Blonde one at Canucks and Courtney Sage on the way home at Marina’s.

We are back at home now for the super bowl. I am not a football fan but I am into marketing and enjoying watching the commercials.  So far tacoboy voted flo tv as his fav one I liked the Simpsons coke ad too. Now that we have seen them all will add in Volkswagen and Sorento ads too.

Just found out that the Who is the half time show. I remember my dad getting the family tickets to go when we were young and the only reason my friend Monique got to come is cause my parents were along for the ride.

Where did you all watch the Superbowl from – if you watched it? We started out in the living room as we were eating some of my double layer nachos then moved the tv into the bedroom to be cozy a total guy date night at taco shack lol

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  1. tacogirl February 9, 2010

    Yes was great running into you Courtney. See you this morning at El Divino.

  2. courtney February 8, 2010

    so nice running into u!i will be at the girlie thingey in the morning-see u there hon


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