Savor San Pedro Postponed

by tacogirl
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8:11 AM
Let’s hope the rain gets out of the way early and stops well in time for the big party tonight. I’m ahead of the game today as I organized decorations for Pedro’s booth last night. Still waiting on a few more things to show up, cross your fingers please. Also got a few balloons and some streamer for the F.O.T.H.S booth so they can decorate.

More to come…

Message for Susie – Keli dropped off some beers here for you in trade for the zone bars when you come.

9:03 AM
VP and I are making a plan B for tonight in case the rain doesn’t stop. Shuffles says there is no horizon line between the sea and the sky.

10:45 AM
Just got official word; the Savor San Pedro Block party is postponed till next weekend. We have now moved onto plan B and are having a potluck and chill night at home.

3:21 PM
Erin, Jo and I went to town after the rain stopped. We got ribs while in town, and they are now getting browned lightly before going into the crock pot.

10:26 PM
Paul and Jo went to drop Paul and Cindy back home, while Erin and I are holding down the fort and getting our cozy clothes on. We had a great night, played apples to apples and scategories while we laughed ourselves silly. Also ate ribs, fish and lots of other yummy food.

Apple to Apples board game

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