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On pg 60 of Transformation Soup, Sark says “If we can relax and be sick when we don’t feel well, we are being present in our own actual experience.” – easier said that done for an ADD girl.

Travelqueen came to to the doctor with me this morning what a good friend she passed up perk with Paul to keep me company.

After we got home I was feeling a bit better and we both decided we needed to go to perk ourselves for a frappe. Travelqueen went on to have lunch with Maya and Colette and I came home to relax and read my book. I got to pg 88 and read the words ” Healing occurs under the covers. Let Sleep Heal you” So I took my cue, put my sleep mask on and had a nice nap.

I like wearing a sleep mask when I am resting in the daytime – I find it makes it easier for me to fall asleep. I remember when I was little my Grandma (dad’s mom) who was very artistic and wise made these really funky sleep masks for my parents to use they were traveling. They had a bit of a cat’s eye shape to them like those old style glasses but not quite as pronounced. My dad’s pair had felt eyeballs on them with blood shot looking eyes and my mom’s had girly eyes with blue eyeshadow – I wish I still had them but they got lost in space somewhere along the way.

The one I was using today was my dad’s I found it when we were going through his things after he had passed. I also have a black leather pair that I put pink sequin trim on to make them fancy. Sometimes I use those when I am traveling on a plane – I know my grandma would have approved. My Cousins Erin and Susan both use sleep masks as well – runs in the family.

I was hoping Colette and Maya would stop by when Travelqueen came back home from lunch and they did. It was perfect timing, I had just woke up a few minutes before and was laying there thinking now what. We all had lovely time on the veranda chatting and laughing.

After Perk, I had reached my limit for being out, so I did some Saturday shopping at Adam’s yard sale – picked up a copy of the Simpson’s movie and came right home. I am going to take my tea, go sit in a beach chair next to Travelqueen, read my book a bit more, soak up some sun for health and maybe have another sleep.

It is not December but it is Saturday and tv is always telling people to go shopping, so I think this cartoon is still applies.

Cartoon by Dave Walker

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  1. me :) says:

    Yes, this day was a fun day indeed! Was nice laying out on the beach enjoying each other. We’ll need to do in again and again. 🙂

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