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Travelqueen is here – YAY

My mind is getting better faster than my body. I hope they catch up to one another. I got my last shot today. It was in my ouchy side but I ended up with a pleasant surprise it did not hurt. Just goes to show that even though you think something will be a certain way based on your past experience, you just never know.

11:45 just paying for my visit. I will be passing the airport at the same time Travelqueen is supposed to arrive. I did not catch her but happened to see Changes in Latitudes girls, they were there to meet incoming family.

Since I have been forced to rest I have been watching a lot of tv. It got me to thinking about how what we watch can say something about us.

Commercials I like â Converse – everybody is a star, lots pf people like the music. Like the slogan and comercial is great for people with ADD lol.Nikon cool pics where the sales girl steals Ashton Kutcher’s camera while he is trying on a shirt and takes a bunch of pictures. I have always thought Ashton was cute since his 70’s show days lol.

My top 3 cartoons and favorite characters
South Park a Cartman hands down
Family Guy a Brian and Stewie
Simpson’s a Bart
Favorite Blue Collar Comedy guy Ron White

4 shows I like to watch and why
Jack ass – I find it very captivating watching boys doing on purpose injuries. Lets me enjoy the pain without having to do the crazy stunts myself.

Sex in the city a I can identify on some level with each of the girls in this show. I like how â Carrie thinks about life and dating and her writing style, Samantha’s cheekiness and go for it attitude, Charlotte’s sense of style – even though she is prissy she still shows sex appeal and Miranda who comes off strong and knowing what she wants but is really still finding herself.

Miami Ink and L.A. Ink a Interesting to see what people choose to get for permanent ink on their body. I have 2 tattoos. Mary’s heart on my left arm I picked this one over Jesus’ heart cause I figured it was better to have some roses mixed in with the thorns. I am not overly religious but I do like religious art work a lot especially Central American style. The other is right out of Sailor Jerry’s tattoo book – an anchor with swallows on each side with a nautical star at the top and a heart at the bottom. Birds are a sign for sailors that land is near by, the anchor is about being near water and being grounded. The heart was the part that took the longest to heal interestingly enough I was going through a broken heart at the time. Another funny thing about my tattoo’s is that Pedro was wondering out loud to someone why I had navy type tattoos so Colette came up with the idea to set in motion the rumor that I was awol from the Navy so a few of us ran with it and had a good laugh. Apparently a few people were seen at Pedro’s computer one night searching see if they could find out why I went awol. Kat Von D if you happen to find this would love for you to visit Ambergris Caye.

Big Idea a I get so inspired by this show. Love watching how people made their millions on good ideas and how they coach people through their ideas to help them get to the right place marketing wise. Last night Donny Deutsch was interviewing Lisa Ling one of my favorite journalists (my other pick is Anderson cooper but I rarely watch the news so I do not see him often) He had her talking about how she started journalism when she was in her teens and started accepting international assignments, being a risk taker and how she quit the view to keep on doing field work. Lisa said “Life is short take risks otherwise you may end up regretting it one day.” I think that is wise advice. It is important to be smart when risk taking and think things through but sometimes you just have to do it and trust that it will all fall into place because you are doing what you are supposed to. We took a risk in coming here and it worked out very well. Although we did think things out beforehand, I have to say if we had thought to much about it and over analyzed things, we could have ended up delaying ourselves big time in getting here.

Travelqueen just turned up and she brought us a folding wooden laundry rack how cool is that? She knew I have wanted one. They finally started selling them at Caye Supply for $56 Belize I almost choked when the sales guy told me how much considering they are about $13 at walmart.

Travelqueen’s plane – Not

Changes and Latitudes girls meeting family

Cindy and Paul giving me a ride around the corner

Feel better stuff from Cindy, Paul and Sharon

3 thoughts on “Travelqueen is here – YAY

  1. travelqueen says:

    Sorry gial that I did not get on the intended plane. Because of the paints, I had to check bags and so I was not at the airport in enough time to do that. Oh well. Our cause, the “wish list”, is a great one and certainly worth a bit of delayed time.

    Sorry I missed your greeting. 🙁 You’re so good to me!

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