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Saturday line up

I am officially in training for Feb 16th Southern Crawl.

Here is our current line up for today…
Island perk in am
5 pm Violin Concert at French Bakery / Hakal Kiik
Stop by Pedro’s for a visit
6-8 pm – Calender girls at Christos
9 pm on Belize Casino for Live Music
Sometime later on Fido’s

What a night. I am pretty beat this morning from all the action – on the plus side I did not drink a lot so I feel good. Have the a few h to gain back some energy before we go to BBQ at Cindy and Pauls.

You can catch Tex for lunch time bbq by the park

Free Saturday Concerts at the Bakery 5 pm

Dr Floyd Jackson

Hitched a ride and dropping Dick off at work

Carving up Lamb

Lamb was delicious

Working hard to help Calender girls


Enjoying the food

Lamb time

Calender signing

Calender girls



I won

Denise Won

Rick one and went upstairs to get a burger and drink

Out of the Blue and a few guest players

Paul and Pierre sharing stout on the way into town


Justin and Pierre

The boys

Brat pack

Just one more

2 Pauls

Taco time in the park

She makes a great corn taco for $2 (square pan one)

Central Park

Dog was very happy for a lamb bone – Molly will be as well

Heading home


  1. It doesn’t look like y’all were having any fun at Fido’s! lol

    Glad you’re getting ready for the pub crawl as am I! Come on Feb. 16th!!! 😛

  2. See you at Southern Crawl. Pics say it all (no) fun at Fido’s ha ha

  3. Oye Chica!! It was nice to meet you and Paul this weekend. Love the pics from Fido’s (although I must admit, I do not remember the picture taking :0) Is it possible that I drank ALL the white wine in SP? I’ll email you the Latin America Blog Meet info tomorrow. Thanks for sharing our mini-vacation with us. We may see you again in March with the children in tow!!

    Michele and Rob from Playa

  4. was great to meet you too michele – yes to bloggers meet info

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