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Kids are resourceful – A few of them were practicing recycling by using plastic bottles and Styrofoam for beach toys.

We are collecting arts and crafts materials and any items to be used for dress up so that the kids can discover their artistic side through drama and art. If anyone has any ideas, time or stuff to donate please let me know.

I am also looking for volunteers to speak at Career day Monday February 25.

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  1. Anonymous January 15, 2008

    Great! I look forward to it. Have a great day!

  2. tacogirl January 14, 2008

    The books would be great thanks for your offer to help. You could even come to the school if you like. See you in April.

  3. Anonymous January 14, 2008

    Just dreaming about my San Pedro getaway in April and living vicariously through you and others… thats when I spotted your call for drama donations. Would the school be interested in some children’s drama books, improv books and the like? I have alot of such material and know that I could part with these items for a great cause. I’ll be in town April 3-10-ish and would love to help.


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