San Pedro Belize beach pictures

San Pedro underwater

Both today’s events got canceled by rain.

First was play day up across from HC school then it would have been followed by a boat ride 14 miles north.

I ended up doing plan c which was a nice walk in the rain to Island Perk followed by meeting up with Jennifer on the way home and heading back to Perk so she could meet the gang. Winner for best rain gear goes to Alex with his orange Carhartt rain suit. Afterwards we headed to L’esquinta (sp?) – middle street from Pan Dulce – for fried jacks then back here so she could meet Paul and wait out the rain.

I just got into my cozy wear and am thrilled to relax. Watching what not to wear and chatting Zac on the coconut phone.

Ch 19 just went in and out for a bit – rain came down in buckets for 5 minutes, just enough to make more ponds and lakes , clean the dust off the plants and keep the roads nice and muddy

Having a few moments to myself as Paul was at Island Perk, I decided to have a lay down with my mp3 player so I could listen to some music and contemplate life. My mind wandered over different ideas and events and just let them drift by.

Perfect timing Herb and Paul came in the door just as I was ready to end my quiet time.

Tonight I am taking my first dose of mms – it is a mineral supplement – it kills things that do not belong in your body. Since my system is temperamental I thought this would be a great way to boost my overall health – Zac swears by it so I figured I will see what happens taking that and doing tai chi. I am looking take inside and outside to the next level – what ever that is.

photo by tacoboy

photo by tacoboy

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