San Pedro Belize beach pictures

14 miles

Heading 14 miles north by boat – just finished getting some snacks ready – time to pack bag so I can get to Island Perk in 45 min.

We went as far as Robles point to snorkel – saw 2 ship wrecks one small one decent sized.

Coleen and Ricks house is fabulous. They did a great job designing the space.

Boat ride was fun – Rick is a great driver

Tackle box North

Coleen and Rick


Great day for a boat ride


Seccond floor view

Nice yard


Trying to get away

View from window

Walking north

Coral head

Walking the beach

Gorgeous day

Headed towards Robles point

White sand

Palm trees

Robles point

Big waves

Reef was active

Shade and snack stop

Reef very close

What a view

Headed back to town

Water entry to boat

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