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San Pedro gets fit

The fitness wave is still sweeping the island. It is nice to see so many people at once working towards feeling better.

It makes me happy that people are experiencing great results from their exercise efforts.

Got in some extra exercise with a short bike ride this aft and some wii bowling at Pedro’s.

Road work

Paul Lara and I on our way to the pool

Back road

Walking and talking

Fit crew – Lara Cindy Paul and Molly

Exercise does a body good

Here are a few pics Dave just emailed me from the other day’s class.


  1. Different but nice blog. Keep it up!

  2. Lauri,

    I have some photos from the pool on Thursday. If you’d like them, how can I get them to you. One of exiled Molly looking over the crew is pretty nice.

    Dave daarmy@prodigy.net

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