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Mango Tango

1:23 PM
I just finished making 20 chicken veggie skewers for Chunky and Ruth’s BBQ this afternoon – almost time to walk to Coral Bay. Better go get ready.

8:30 PM
Wasn’t planning on taking pictures today, but then I remembered that ribs + skewers + good friends = fun pics.


Ruthie’s homemade salsa. It has corn and beans in it

Chunky showing us his chimney starter; a great way to light BBQ



Yum – Lisette’s mango tango sauce was great marinade

Chunky and his coveted find on the island – hickory bits at a reasonable price


Ribs looking delicious

Garlic bread

Delicious spread


I just weighed in at 130 lbs on Ruthie’s scale – up 9 lbs&;

Paul was 10 lbs lighter than he thought


Who could say no to dessert?


  1. Yes, Tacogirl, I am sure the meals on the cruise will be out of this world, not to mention those in Singapore and Dubai… not going near a scale for 6 weeks at least. 🙂

  2. I’m hijacking this post for Belizesnowbird…I can’t compete with the pix.

  3. Yup Tim that is what he puts in the chimney starter instead of news paper to get the coals hot

    Ha Ha Gail I can just imagine how you will be able to rub it in when you are on your cruise and eating all that yummy stuff we can’t get here

    Too funny Ruthie I do no think CBT is out of a job any time soon

  4. Yes, CBT…you don’t come down here enough. We had to recruit poor TG to grill duty!

  5. You are not alone CBT, there are others crying just as hard (with their tummies rumbling). Quite noisy to say the least. 🙂

  6. vegetable oil soaked paper towel to start the grill, beautiful!Learn something new everyday,thanks.

  7. Carbunkle Trumpet

    Can you hear it in the distance? That is the sound of CBT crying out loud!

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