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Sat morning Class

Up before the birds today – a good 7h ahead of that rooster I heard crowing on my way home from the pool yesterday afternoon. Paul Cindy Molly and I piled into the cart and made our way to town to watch the 6:00am start of the Eco Challenge and cheer Tyrone on.

When we got to the lagoon side start area it was buzzing with people. After doing a quick walk through we ended up on the Sunset Grill Dock – I got caught up in the moment and hopped in The Seaduced boat to catch some of the action on the water thanks to Leon’s invitation. We ended up as far north ad Grand Caribe with a bunch of other boats.

When I got back to the dock I got word that Paul and Cindy figured out I was on a boat and to call them. I guessed they had just gone home proceeded to hitch a ride with Janet. Soon as we started making our way south Paul Cindy and Molly found us – they had just dropped a guest off at San Pedro Belize Express after helping him rescue his flip flops from the bar. I switched carts and we headed back Pedro’s to put coffee on for some boys that were now watching sports on the big screen¬† we headed to El Divino for breakfast.

Will post pics of that tomorrow after the end of the Eco Challenge Kayak Race. For now you can check out pics of this mornings aquafit class.

[Note there is supposed to be a power out from 5:00am – 1:00pm Sunday – makes for a great excuse to get out and watch the Eco challenge kayak race.]

4 thoughts on “Sat morning Class

  1. says:

    Cindy, Tacoboy should have added “and she is wearing new underware that Carbunkle Trumpet muled into the country from Elvis Land!”

  2. Alan Slater says:

    In pix #4…….Is that the clubhouse or a private home? I like the design.
    Alan S.

  3. cindy says:

    Tacoboy to strangers: “have you seen my girlfriend, she’s short, skinny, brown hair and with a camera?” It was VERY funny…

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