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Tropical Poolside view

Counting tomorrow’s new Saturday Morning aquafit session I will have managed to make 3 of 4 classes this week – not bad. This is a great time slot for those who want a good work out but cannot make it during the week. Count yourself in on the pool party facebook invite and join us tomorrow morning – 9:00am – 10:00am class [optional] at San Pedro Fitness Club. You will be glad you did – there is nothing like enjoying the big pool on a hot sunny day.

Anne Kuffner sent these 3 pictures from Tuesdays class Рshe said it  was super busy that day.

Today was lots of fun – everyone was all chats and laughs. Can’t wait for the big pool party tomorrow. Notice the brown paper sac tacoboy brought home? I knew right away he had stopped at roadkill¬† to get some Wade the Gringo burgers and fries for lunch.


  1. Who’s that good looking chick in the last picture?

  2. Love that place!

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