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I made plans to check out the San Pedro Business Association meeting this morning, in light of seeing how they handled the recent golf cart incident from the message board I wanted to find out more about them.

How handy is this, just got San Pedro Daily email and saw this posting on topics of today’s meeting.

October General Meeting of SPBA set for
TODAY, Tuesday, October 9th
Meeting to be held at Lion’s Den,
and will start at 10:00 am
The Agenda is as follows:

Keeping Taxes on the Island
Garbage Collection Continued
Road Improvement Road Safety
Formation of Better Business Bureau
January Block Party Event

For more information contact Rebecca Arceo
phone: 501.226.2254 or 501.610.1697

It is a fact of life that things do not always go as planned. It is much easier when you adapt and roll with sudden changes. The San Pedro Business Association showed they are able to do this as their meeting smoothly transitioned into an orientation and sign up session. People came out and got register with the association and meet some of the founding members in the organization. The next meeting is scheduled for 10 am Wed Oct 17th at the Lions Den in town.

I was able to speak with the secretary Rebecca Arceo and learn more about San Pedro Business Association.

They are a new organization and still in the works of building a strong foundation. All members of the association are business owners who recognized a void that needed to be filled and volunteer their time with the association to help make San Pedro a better place.

So far they have been involved a few different ventures…

– First annual Lobsterfest – Getting the roads cobblestoned south, they have reached Banyan Bay and are working towards Victoria House – Helping 2 tourists settle a golf cart incident by taking over their case which allowed them to get back to the states, their child and work.

The San Pedro Business Association is a non government organization with a dual purpose. They are working on getting the GOB to leave more money on the Island, recognizing that all members are tax paying business owners and feel that it is the GOB responsibility to step up give back to the community financially. They are also working on creating events throughout the year that will benefit local people, and be a draw for San Pedro lovers and new visitors as well. The success of Lobster fest shows that they are putting action behind their ideas. I am already looking forward to the January Block Party.

Lion’s Den

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