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Colonel Sanders Cousin lives in San Pedro

Tonight was mini grocery night but neither of us felt like cooking so we decided to take the advice of a local friend and give Sun Up Restaurant a try. While we were waiting for our fried chicken, we popped over to Super Buy to grab a few things on our list by the time were were done our food was ready.

Paul and I both agreed that Colonel Sanders cousin must have retired here in San Pedro and has and shared his brothers secret recipe with the folks at Sun Up. The skin although not quite the same has that spiced flavor to it. The chicken itself actually tastes better because it is not so fast food chain like buzzard. The price was right to at $6.25 bzd each, I got fried rice and Paul got french fries and traded off some to each other. I will say though that this can only be an occasional treat as it kind of has the same affect on our bodies as eating North American fast food. Think they forgot to add the vegetables ha ha.

Lime flavored chips for an after dinner snack

3 thoughts on “Colonel Sanders Cousin lives in San Pedro

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the tip Mary, we have passed the place many times, that is right near Wet Willy’s and where Carole and Dick live.

  2. Mary:) says:

    If you want some REALLY good spiced fried chicken, you should try Double Good behind Richie’s…LOVE their chicken…:)And yeah, definitely agree it should ONLY be a treat otherwise we’d be in serious health problems!

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