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TGIF & tq

tq is here now we are both surfing the net/blogging and catching up while waiting for Paul to bring home pizza then we will all go to town later. Shannon’s big news Clyde Drexler asked her if she could change a $100 at the Belize airport while waiting for her plane to San Pedro.

Spent the afternoon in town doing errands and went for sushi with Mitch and Cori at hummingbird. It was tasty – we all liked the shrimp & pork dumplings. The spicy snapper rolls and shrimp tempura rolls were a hit too. I still do not understand why people add cream cheese to their sushi.

Pizza was fab tonight – cheers to Trevor for making it so tasty. If you have not tried the bbq chicken from Pedro’s it is one for your to eat list – had supreme on the other half and a small garlic shrimp and green pepper.

After dinner we popped into town – stopped at Lime Bar to say hi to everyone and continued on to Fidos to catch some live music. The band playing there right now is really good (have to find out their name)

Some Library news from Ana….
Dedication of the Paul Hooker media center at the San Pedro library.
The San Pedro Town Library is proud to announce the dedication of the new Paul Hooker Media Center at the San Pedro Library on Saturday October 24th at 6:00 p.m. The Paul Hooker Media Center has been made possible by the kind patronage of Mrs. Pam Hooker in loving memory of her husband Mr. Paul Hooker. Mrs. Hooker donated the funds to purchase a movie projector, a movie screen, speakers and 6 new computers. The movie Planet Earth will be shown free of charge at the Esmeralda Park adjacent to the San Pedro Library starting at 6:30 p.m. Contact: Head Librarian Iracela Acosta Phone: 206-2028

San Pedro Family Fitness Club

Pool time

Aquafit class

4 thoughts on “TGIF & tq

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Bob

    The pool has been there at least 6 or 7 years can find out for sure next class. If you go down the main road south and hang a right at Roadkill Bar and go all the way to the end you will be at the pool. Great pool to swim in – one of my favs on the island.

  2. Bob says:

    Taco Girl,
    What is the location of the pool in today’s pictures? I can see the airstrip in the background but can’t place the pool location. You have posted many pictures in the past of this pool but I don’t remember mention of the name of the facility.
    I’ve been to San Pedro many times (the strip was grass when I started going) but I don’t remember this pool. San Pedro is getting so developed)

  3. Mike Marshall says:

    Been lurking on your blog for a long time, but I gotta tell you, this site is an endless source of desktop backgrounds. 🙂

    Can you point me to (good) information on visiting Ambergris Caye? Local/Insider tips are much appreciated.

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