San Pedro Belize beach pictures

San Marcos Deli

So much is is going on today I do not even I do not even know where to begin.

MenuFirst off I found out my cholesterol is great 166 she said normal is 170. I was glad and surprised at the same time because I have tested high twice. That goes to show me that exercise (which is the main new addition other than moving to the tropics since I tested high) really works. Glad Cindy and Mitch got me back to the pool today even though I am still feeling tired – it was nice to hear Madame’s stories she has us in stiches the whole time. The doctor did say one of my liver enzymes was high which could be causing me to feel out of whack so she has to look into that further.

Second Mitch and I went got lunch at a great new Deli. People often ask me for recommends on good local places to eat on their vacation. I would definitely recommend putting San Marcos Deli on your list. We both ordered stewed chicken. It yummy and the price was right $8. San Marcos is open till 5pm and run by Ana and her husband. When you are heading towards Marina’s look for the CG Esthetic sign and make a right – then look for Ana’s store on right and San Marcos Deli is right across the street.

San Marcos Deli on right Anna's store on left

Ordering stewed chicken

San Marcos Deli

Mitch ordering guyabano juice
Stewed chicken

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