San Pedro Belize

Canadian Team Spirit in San Pedro Belize

Last night many of San Pedro Expats met up for Belize versus Canada game. Of course many were Canadian but not all. There were a few Americans and of course lots of locals cheering their home team on. Popular sports bar, Lola’s Pub was packed and it was standing room only. Through the crowd, you could see various people showing their team spirit happily waving and wearing their flags.

Who was I rooting for?

Aside from star bartender Norvle for being willing to make me a virgin mule when the bar was slam busy and Sherlette who I knew would bring me a fabulous dinner 🙂

I had thought about it earlier in the morning when I read and shared Canada takes on underdog Belize in World Cup qualifying article from the Toronto Star

Sadly that was not to be. Canada’s first game victory over Belize for then 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Canada pretty much controlled the game from start to finish. They held on to the ball like glue and Belize did their best to defend themselves. Canada took a 3-0 win which puts them in the front seat for the upcoming second match this Tuesday in Belmopan.

Although truthfully I was a winner no matter who won especially after a night with friends combined with spicy slaw, mac & cheese, and sesame sriracha wings – yum.

I had to laugh on the way to the game as we drove past Pedro’s Hotel sandwich board sign on the main road. Whoever did it wrote the Canadian Maple Leafs for promoting watching the game at their bar. While I do not think the Canadian team has an official name, I know it’s two nicknames are the Canucks and Les Rouges. The Belize team is the Jaguars and although right now I have no plans to watch the game, I will be once again rooting for them to win on Tuesday.

Having scored a ride, I got to town early and decided to hang out on the beach and take some pictures. Immediately after I sat on the dock at the Maya Princess, two girls came along and started playing. They gave me great amusement as they were dumping water in a bowl of sand and making a happy mess beside me.

San Pedro Belize
Beach vendor
Belize pictures
For the most part Belize kids love getting their picture taken
Belize pictures
Often they ask for more than one
San Pedro Belize
Cholo’s sports bar
Belize pictures
Canadian team spirit in Belize
Belize pictures
Win Win with Sue showing her new home and old home colors and that she wins no matter which team does

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