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Rakes and Machetes

Residents from San Pablo and San Marcos turned up at the church today to clear the yard. We got a lot accomplished in a couple of hours – picked up the garbage – pruned some trees – raked the yard and used it for fill in the low laying area at the back. If you live in the area please make note we did find an old well that is not covered up yet. Plan is to see to that asap but we just want to put it out there so that there are no accidents until it is properly dealt with.

Thanks goes out to all who showed up to help out – tq and anyone else who donated garbage bags and Roberto at Crystal Water for supplying us with a cooler full of ice and bags of water.

Had a great time at the  All Star Jam band at Crazy Canucks  this aft – was nice to see 2miles play again.  They had nine musicians onstage that is the most I have seen play together there – was totally rockin.


  1. I agree Jo lots of hands make a job easier.

  2. great job on cleaning up the church neighbors…its amazing what can happen when all pitch in…sorry i wasnt there to help…keep up the good work neighborhood…god helps those who help themselves…jo

  3. JJTraveler you are so right. tacoboy said it took about about an hour to chop through. Thanks for your compliment – we all did the best we could with what we had. If anyone wants to donate a heavier machete to the San Pablo / San Marcos neighborhood watch just let me know.

  4. You could use a little heavier machete for that tree, it had to have taken you a while to chop through it. If you go for a long machete with a weighted blade you will maximize the chopping power. Excellent work!

  5. Always nice to see you and Tona drummer Jay. All star jam at Canucks is always fun was cool you were able to join in.

  6. Laurie,

    I Had a good time jaming with the band Sunday,

    It was nice to see and talk to you once again.

    As always, great photos !!

  7. Thanks Michele – we thought so too. Cute spot just needs tlc.

  8. Nice job at the church!! Looks much better!!

  9. Hi Harold – pics should be working ok now. Hopefully that day will come soon.

  10. sorry but your pics are still on the bug . as you wrote one time i look at the pics and long for the day that i can be there.

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