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Living in Belize

Reef Jam


It’s not often that we cross the bridge – so Mitch and I decided to go to Reef Village and listen to some live music. While there we saw a few people getting food orders – both of us thought we may have to go back and check out the menu sometime. Got a chance to catch up with JD – between him and Madame we are never short for laughter. Don said that MrMeaner will also be playing Saturdays starting this week  at Coconuts Hotel 8pm.

Reef Jam


  1. tacogirl October 21, 2009

    Yup Zac plays the keys and surprisingly they make very cool sound for a bunch of keys. I bet you have seen some really cool Jam’s.

  2. carbunkle Trumpet October 20, 2009

    Is Zac playing the Keys? We got to hang with Reef Jam last Feb up at Sweet Basils and had a blast! The good thing about living here in in the crossroads of the blues is that there are a lot of ‘impromptu’ Jam sessions and they are better than paying cover!



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