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Reef Jam

It’s not often that we cross the bridge – so Mitch and I decided to go to Reef Village and listen to some live music. While there we saw a few people getting food orders – both of us thought we may have to go back and check out the menu sometime. Got a chance to catch up with JD – between him and Madame we are never short for laughter. Don said that MrMeaner will also be playing Saturdays starting this week at Coconuts Hotel 8pm.

Reef Jam

2 thoughts on “Reef Jam

  1. carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Is Zac playing the Keys? We got to hang with Reef Jam last Feb up at Sweet Basils and had a blast! The good thing about living here in in the crossroads of the blues is that there are a lot of ‘impromptu’ Jam sessions and they are better than paying cover!


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