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Saga Cook Off
Molly found a friend

Saga Cook Off

I know there are Many Lori Purdy fans out there on the net so I decided to include her email [see below] along with the Upcoming Saga Cook off information in both Spanish and English.

Saga does a great job of helping the stray and neglected animals on Ambergris Caye.

I took the following beach pictures of Molly while we were hanging out at Cholo’s for a football match. It was great afternoon people watching and playing at the beach. Molly was a Saga dog and found her happily ever after with Cindy and her other Saga friend Basil the cat.

belize humane society

Molly was adopted from Saga

saga humane society san pedro

Molly found a friend

belize humane society san pedro

Playing and having fun

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Good Morning Everyone!

Attached please find the flier in both English and Spanish Versions for our September cook-off.  We will be having a ‘street party’ like last year with the Theme being ‘The Taste of Belize, Mexico and all of Central America’ in honor of Independence Day for all countries in Sept.

Yes, we are getting a head start on advertising as this will be a bigger cook-off than the normal monthly fundraisers.

We also trying to get a DJ for the evening…I think we found one.

Thank you everyone for your support of SAGA Humane Society.

Lori Purdy
SAGA Humane Society

belize humane society

English Flyer – September 2012

saga humane society belize

Spanish Flyer – September 2012



  1. Ended up with a polish dog instead of barbecue lol

  2. I’ll take that!

  3. How about a rum cranberry and some bbq?

  4. Great work for the dogs of Belize. I know strays are a problem in my motherland.
    Cook of sounds yummylicious. Have ceviche, rice and beans and a Beliken for me please. 🙂

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