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We all have things in life that tend to piss us off mildly or to a larger degree depending on what it is and how tolerant you are. After living in Belize almost 7 years my tolerance level has grown and I have been able to maintain an it is what it is attitude in some respects an not let myself get to bent out of shape over the little things. I have seen some people let them selves go nuts over over things that are totally not worth the energy.

Here are a few of my current pet peeves:

– Line ups. Belize bank is generally the worst for that here, although last time I went in I was pleasantly surprised and I walked right to the front of the line.

– People throwing garbage on street especially when there is a garbage can close by. Once tacoboy even stopped a guy doing that by saying hey I think you dropped something. The guy looked at him like he was nuts.

– Classical music not all but most. I am not sure why on this one, when I was an art model sometimes I had to listen to it and noticed a tendency for the sound making me feel agitated.

– Music or videos on websites that you cannot easily shut off, nothing makes me close out a site faster than a blink of an eye.

– Did I mention waiting in line?

– Captcha you cannot read. I know they are trying to make sure it is a human on the other end and not spammers but half the time humans cannot even read what the letters are. It should not take a person 3 tries to get something readable.

– Intentional button pushers. Sadly, some people are not happy unless they are ruffling someones feathers.

What are your pet peeves?

garbage barge belize
Garbage transportation by boat from up north

16 thoughts on “Pet peeves

  1. paul mckay says:

    They throw garbage around there too huh?.Im in Cayo District near San Ignacio and The “Keep Belize Beautiful” or “Don’t Litter” signs are just so much more litter since nobody pays any attention to them. Riverside along the beautiful Mopan is just littered to no end sometimes. And then, to watch people at their homes and businesses pile up trash plastics and anything else indiscriminately and burn it–gads! I know it’s their country and it’s their way of life and it’s 3rd world and all that but . . . still. To see such a beautiful country get trashed saddens me somedays and just pisses me off on others.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Also want to mention tacogirl, you seem to be a very open -minded expat. I love that you didnt move to a new country expecting that service efficiency would be the same as the US or Canada. You seem to be cool as a cucumber nd try not to stress out. Nice post.

  3. Charlotte says:

    My pet peeve is when I give people a break on the road, like let them in front of me, or stop to let them get on the road from a parking lot or driveway and they don’t have the courtesy to acknowledge this. Grrrrr bugs me!

  4. Ron Manuel says:

    Well I think BTL for 2nd place as they just went from 512 to 256 for our internet here in San Felipe. Can’t read the news any more. No 1 would be the road system, its lets pave over here and then maybe we will start another section a couple of miles from here just to make driving interesting………


  5. tacogirl says:

    That is true Emily and you juts made me think of another one in saying that. Cabs [or anyone] that races ahead of you only to slow down after they pass.

    Here’s hoping you have no more close calls.

  6. Emily says:

    Some of your pet peeves are not specific to Belize, but I am certainly with you on the captchas! As for Belize pet peeves, aside from the unsafe way some of the taxi drivers in town drive, most of the time pedestrians and those on bikes don’t bother looking behind them or from side to side before pulling out on the road from side streets, homes, stores, etc. People walk out or ride their bikes RIGHT in front of us (already riding our bikes on the road in a predictable direction) every single time we go to town. We’ve had several close calls because people just don’t look before they pull out. So simple and so important!

  7. Michele in Playa says:

    At Lobsterfest this year, I watched Lara almost get into a knock-down-drag-out with a litterer in the park. I thought she was going to lose her mind!! Littering is a problem in San Pedro and Playa alike. It’s VERY frustrating!

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