[Not so Young] Girls in Bikinis

I had hoped this post would be well on it’s way to being done by now – unfortunately I never got the time to sort the pictures till now. I will post a few galleries starting with the first of our outside pictures before the sun took a break and we had to switch to an indoor location.

We all had a good laugh when Cindy said ‘I hope you were not expecting hot young girls in bikinis.’ Neither of us managed to find a cute guy to come with us either – fly to a private island in Belize for a photo shoot with 2 girls bikini and no takers.

Back in a bit making the bed fresh and late lunch.

Two galleries down one to go. These next pics are all inside the dining room, lounge and bar area. Open concept under a big round palapa this space is great to relax and has an eye catching view no matter which way you look.

This last batch of pictures are more outdoor shots of Royal Belize. Thankfully the sun came back out and Benno was able to get most of the shots he wanted. Hopefully he got what he needed in the end. We had the whole island to ourselves and it was very easy working with Benno. Peter our host alternated between watching the photo shoot and cooking up the most delicious food bruschetta , salad and lobster risotto for lunch.


4 thoughts on “[Not so Young] Girls in Bikinis

  1. tacogirl says:

    Al, you should be thanking Our host Peter and Photographer Benno for making hot middle aged women in slinky swimwear an option to begin with ha ha.

  2. al salter says:

    Too many shots of some bald dude with a big lens and not enough focused hot middle aged women in slinky swimwear. I hope this improves. Please no photos of British army butts. Much appreciated:)

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