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Destination Dangriga

What a morning I just spent the last 3 h editing pictures and I am not even close to done. I still have finish sorting my Sony Cybershot pics for today’s post, unload my Olympus stylus and get Saturdays pool pics and yesterdays bikini shots sorted and edited. Back to sorting pics so I can get them posted and move onto the next thing. 11:00am Half way there on getting pictures up. As you can see we had a very eventful flight, rain shower, rainbow and a fantastic view. For some reason my gallery is being naughty and refusing to post pictures in order. Got it down to a couple pictures out of sync – for what ever reason they do not want to get in line. I am off for a much needed break, pictures of driving through Dangriga when I get back.

I thought I would play smart with these next pics and choose a different gallery option to break up the pictures a bit and avoid previous technical difficulties. Sometimes working smarter = working harder. I suddenly have found myself homeschooling on the latest version NextGEN gallery and working out the new way of doing things. So much for saving time ha ha. This next set of pictures is our quick drive through Dangriga to the boat dock. One shot I missed  on our way was a very cool drum statue – have to go back for that one and do a bit more  exploring.

Here are the last of my pics for today, our photo shoot location at Royal Belize. What a fabulous way to spend a Sunday – on private island. Cindy and I had the best time with our attentive and funny host Peter and European photographer Bennot Thoma – Hit Photography. His Hotel shots are amazing. I can’t wait to see his finished product on Royal Belize pictures, we did get a few sneak peaks throughout the day.

7:47 pm
Came back to fix first gallery and do it in nextGEN to get the picture order right – oficyally done for the day. I was happy to see Zac online and I ordered up a Healthy Belize home delivery – cannot get enough coconut water. I am also getting organic  lettuce, butternut squash, dragon fruit and star fruit.

Tune in tomorrow my photo shoot of Bennot’s photo shoot at Royal Belize,  trip pics from Dangriga to San Pedro will come on Wednesday.

Don’t forget the  Yoga Peach class on August 16 6:00-7:30pm. The class is free and open to everyone over the age of 14. See facebook page invite for sign up, guest list, and find out where the class will be held. Link to information about Yoga Peach San Pedro Fire Victims fundraiser / raffle. There are some great prizes.

6 thoughts on “Destination Dangriga

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hello! Did you see that bacon on my plate? I may be cleaning house a bit but have not forsaken all foodie fun. If omelet is good enough [and it sounds like it could be] I might be willing to leave the island lol.

  2. al salter says:

    I took a course on making the perfect omelette.(true). I would be happy to cook one for you with a variety of fillings: mushrooms, peppers, chicken, bacon, cheese etc. However I see 2 problems: I won’t go to San Pedro as I am a socialist and second because you are too busy detoxifying after someone found something funky in your iris:)

  3. al salter says:

    I have a problem with the breakfast photo. Its missing breakfast sausages, toast, hash browns, a stack of flapjacks with maple syrup, and cinnamon sprinkled pink grapefruit with a maraschino cherry. White sauce on the eggs might be a nice touch too. I presume this is just a technical problem. Pleasse adjust. Thanks laurie.

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