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Rendezvous does Chicken drop

Island Ferry DockInvest 93 is giving us some minor weather this morning starting with loud thunder that woke me up. The rain has not hit yet – hoping it won’t but have waterproof camera ready just in case.  Dick just called sky is clearing and they are up for chicken drop and burrito bar at Rendezvous Restaurant – Trumpets coming as well.

Got links up a much delayed task. There are still some minor edits and additions coming but at least you can easily check out other bloggers and weather links now.

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon – at Rendezvous chicken drop.   Trinity was great and   we all enjoyed a guest appearance on stage from Daryl Chill Mitchell and Little Tony. The burrito bar was yum – definitely worth $10 you cannot make it that cheap at home. You get to build your own with a good selection of topping choices… guacamole – jalapeno – salsa – onions – 2 kinds cheese – beef – shredded chicken – hummus – salad – coleslaw – few kinds of beans and more.

While non of our gang won at the chicken drop we still felt good about our bets as part of the proceeds went to the Holy Cross School. Rendezvous donates 20% from each drop and if the chicken poops in the black hole [black stripe down the middle of the board] the full amount of that drop goes to the school.

Rendezvous Restaurant

Trinity Rendezvous Restaurant

Rendezvous Restaurant Rendezvous Restaurant

Rendezvous Restaurant Rendezvous Restaurant Chicken Drop

Chicken Drop Belize Chicken Drop

Chicken Drop San Pedro Belize

Chicken Drop Burrito Bar

Rendezvous Restaurant

Chicken Drop

Chicken Drop Rendezvous Restaurant

Chicken Drop Belize

Chicken Drop San Pedro

Chicken Drop Rendezvous Restaurant

Chicken Drop Rendezvous Restaurant

Trinity Belize


Rendezvous Restaurant chicken drop

Rendezvous Restaurant

Rendezvous Restaurant Rendezvous Restaurant

Rendezvous Restaurant Rendezvous Restaurant

6 thoughts on “Rendezvous does Chicken drop

  1. Carbunkletrumpet says:

    I looked him up also this morning and that guy has been in a TON of stuff. A great Sunday spent with good friends!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Burrito bar definitly a good idea. I thought about that as I was going through everyone’s blog’s Gail but since most of the links are a mutual exchange I may have to figure out another option – maybe a separate category for those who do not post often enough.

  3. Gail P says:

    Looks like everyone had a great time.
    Burito Bar sounds like a good idea.

    Thanks for bringing back the links. I know you said you had some editing to do on them and I hope that relates to removing links, where there has been no posting for months.

  4. tacogirl says:

    Pier Lounge is still doing their chicken drop. This is just a nice Sunday afternoon alternative to get out of town and have some fun on the beach.

  5. Bill says:

    Has the Pier Lounge closed or is the Chicken Drop simply on the road? Hard to get all the squares sold with a small crowd.

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