red cross belize

Red Cross Belize

The Belize Red Cross (BRC) does a huge range of things across the country and are mostly known for their response in a disaster.  However there’s lots of other things that they do when there isn’t an emergency going on:

Disaster Management involves preparation, response and recovery/rehabilitation. This is the largest field of work that the Belize Red Cross engages in throughout the year. The National Society assists the Government in all humanitarian aspects of disasters.  As I’m sure you know flooding and hurricanes are the main disaster threat throughout the country.


Belize has the highest prevalence rate of HIV in Central America.  “Together We Can”is a regional methodology that has been adapted by the Belize Red Cross since January of 2004 and employs face to face peer education while providing young people with access to information and education. In gaining knowledge youth are in a position to develop life skills required to reduce their risk of contracting STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

Services across the country include: soup kitchen for the sick, the elderly and the homeless, feeding program for school children, wheelchair distribution, clothes distribution, assistance to fire victims, Home Nursing Course, and psychosocial support after disasters.

Presently there are five courses being offered:
1. Basic First Aid and CPR and refresher courses
2. Cardi Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
3. Advanced First Aid
4. Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation
5. Community First Aid

The Red Cross is a great organization that needs our help.  If you would like to volunteer locally or globally please leave a comment. You can show your support by joining Belize Red Cross facebook page.

The goal is to raise  funds and help keep their core programs running: food for those who need it, social assistance and community training.

Belize Red Cross raises almost $200,000 for Haiti – News 5 article from 2010, another great reason why we need to pitch in and help.

red cross belize
1st meeting – Red Cross Belize and San Pedro volunteers

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