Secret Beach Ambergris Caye

Random Scenes From 5 days in San Pedro

Scene One: Celebrate Holiday

I was fortunate that the universe sent my friend Jack over with a golf cart and that he was in a chill mood so was willing to wait for me to finish my work and pack a picnic while my editor Shirlee fixed any bits that came from my dyslexic ADD brain so I could go live. We set off for gas and headed north so he could see the cave and we would have a nice place to picnic. This time around, in addition to still pictures I have some great 360-degree video footage for you of the landscape beyond Secret Beach. I also shot some video driving out and Grand Belizean Estates area. At one point, Jack slowed the cart down to give the ladies a treat 😉 If we took a holiday -Took some time to celebrate -Just one day out of life -It would be, it would be so nice Madonna

After hanging out at Secret Beach Jack decided that stopping at Marbucks was in order and I am glad he did. We met new people, enjoyed the neighborhood ambiance and great conversation. Mar was the hostess with the mostess and made me a yummy chocolate banana iced coffee – one of my favorite drinks 😀

Secret Beach Ambergris Caye
Secret Beach area and beyond
Marbucks Coffee shop Ambergris Caye
Pit stop at Marbucks on our way home

A Few Scenes in One – Long Time Favorites and Trying New Things

I was pleased when Shirlee told me that Blue Water Grill was the chosen place for our Red Cross’ volunteer group’s (a dental team from Pennsylvania) welcome dinner. Instantly I knew exactly what I was having – a refreshing Arnold Palmer, luscious Ahi poke tuna salad and Espresso Crem Brulee. All super long time favorites of mine. We knew long before this group arrived that they were something special and we were right. Breaking bread with them has been a great experience. Not only are we getting to know each other and talking about our future together, I have been getting to try different places – which is always fun. The other day we ended up at Caroline’s Cookin’ for lunch. She has been on my list and it was a perfect opportunity to visit as we wanted a place close to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez PolyClinic. Not only did I fall in love with my bacon cheeseburger, we got to know each other a bit more and my phone became the portable router to our group. They politely declined use of my MIFI and opted for using me as a hot spot whenever we are together – a job I was happy to do :D. It was not all about food though. We were buzzing around the dental clinic watching Red Cross volunteer, Brenda sort the donated supplies, watching the dentists serve many and mooning over our new infant ;life-saving practice equipment. Shirlee also made a run to the Sandbar with a big suitcase full of toothbrushes and toothpaste. Another one made it to my house so I could separate the brushes in prep for handing out at the San Pedro Food Bank.

As for trying new volunteer experiences, thanks to our dentists it was great. Both Shirlee and I have always wanted to put in a few hours at the food bank so we could better see how it ran. As it turns out so have Carmen and Dr. Irma Zuniga so they came to watch as we joined some of our volunteer crew in sorting produce and handing out toothbrushes and toothpaste. It was also a great opportunity to let people know they should go to the Poly Clinic Dental Room to get dental treatment this week. Our group also took a side adventure of their own and drove through San Pedrito, gifting the area residents with toothbrushes and toothpaste. Even if it is only a short amount of time, volunteering is something I highly recommend you do while on your tropical vacation. Food bank donations are another much needed and easy way to give back to the community you are vacationing in.

Belize Red Cross volunteer vacation group
Pennsylvania Dentists volunteering in Belize
Pennsylvania Dentists volunteering in San Pedro Belize
Seaduced Snorkel trip and volunteering at the food bank
Pennsylvania Dentists in San Pedro
Welcome dinner at Blue Water Grill and lunch at Caroline’s Kitchen. Both excellent meals

Sunday Scene – Standing Still Amid the Waves

Sunday marked the 5k Walk/Run for Autism at SandBar and I was called upon to man our first aid booth for the morning. Martin and Heidi were our volunteers that entered the race as did many – the beach packed up fast that day. I was on hand to administer any first aid that might be needed and thankfully this year we did not give out one band aid or ice pack. We did, however, hand out lots of water. So much so that Sarah Jean had to get a nearby water station to bring their supply. Thanks to impromptu volunteer Trini Karen, seeing that I was alone sprung into action and helped hand out water to incoming athletes. She was even wearing a cute red tank top 🙂 I wore blue for Autism and had my Belize Red Cross badge on.

Ambergris Caye Elementary School walk for Autism
First Aid station and a packed beach road.
Walk Run for Autism at Sand bar San Pedro Hostle
Registration, stretching start and finish.

Walk Run Results and Thank You’s from Sarah Jean ACES School

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd Annual Ambergris Caye Elementary School Autism Awareness 5K. Male 1st Place – Eric Donis 2nd Place – Kent Bob Gabourel 3rd Place – Daniel Gregorio Female 1st Place – Amy Requiena 2nd Place – Allison Lloyd 3rd Place – Luisana Guerrero Congratulations to all of the participants who stuck with it and ran or walked all the way to the finish line on such a warm day. Many people left with a sense of accomplishment. A special mention for our youngest runner, Tellen Smith, and our oldest runner, Mr. Coconut Leo. We would like to congratulate Fatima Arceo and Savanna Nunez for their participation. A number of runners and walkers were under the age of 15, which shows that our children are excited about both exercise and awareness. Kudos to all of the kids! We would also like to congratulate all of the teams who rallied together to help raise awareness: UNCW (largest team of 18 people), Camp Starfish, Team Saga, Team United, A.C.E.S. Blue Eagles, A.C.E.S. Team Six. One hundred and thirty-two people participated which is a fantastic turn out to raise awareness for Autism! A special thank you to all of our sponsors: San Pedro Town Council, Sandbar, DC Island Scooter, Palapa Bar & Grill, Ecologic Divers, Carlo & Ernies, San Pedro Belize Express for donating all of the prizes for our winners. Additionally, a big thank you to Mr. Kent Bob Gabourel for his help in coordinating the event as well as all of the staff at Ambergris Caye Elementary School, Lara Goldman of 12 Belize and Dalia Alamilla of Ambergris Caye Camp Starfish for volunteering and helping to make sure things ran smoothly. A big thank you to San Pedro Transport Department for keeping everyone safe on the streets and San Pedro Red Cross for making sure everyone was hydrated! Lastly, thank you to Karen Brodie, Taco Girl, Robert Hawkins, Ambergris Today & iTravel Belize and San Pedro Sun for covering the event and letting the world know that everyone in San Pedro is working together to raise awareness for those living with disabilities. For anyone who would like to make a donation towards a scholarship for a child with special needs, you can do so by visiting: Sponsor a Special Education Student – Please feel free to share the link with your friends and family members. We look forward to next year!

Last Scene; a Comedy of Afternoon Antics in DFC

My friend Debbie also known as Pirate Girl asked me if I would do a short video to promote her upcoming participation at the Inaugural Truck Stop Farmers Market. Packed camera’s, music player, a small cooler and headed off on my bike to DFC to film. The lighting was perfect and it was cool watching Percy (Deb’s guy) shredding fresh coconut and hearing the squeaky Flinstones sounding shredder. Then came the comedienne footage. Deb was no shortage of entertaining and amusing as we filmed various clips of her pirate rap and baking. I also got some afternoon delight too – she usually offers me some savory or sweets while there. This time I got a to go pack too 🙂

While at the Pirate house, I captured a few pictures.

Pirate Girl Brownlies kitchen San Pedro Belize
Comedienne in action making yummy treats for The Truck Stop farmers market
DFC area San Pedro Belize
Pirate Girl and Percy’s backyard

3 Important and Delicious Errand Stops

Thankfully I had more cart and driver access, I had a few 5-gallon bottles to fill. You will not see me riding down the road with a 5 gallon on each handle bar anytime soon 🙂 As for delicious – I am within walking distance to rotisserie chicken in the middle pic and juice stop on the way home from a friends house – both on Back Street.

Errand stops in San Pedro
Errands around town

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