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Rain Rain

It is raining like crazy here this morning with a bit of thunder and lightening. I am sitting here enjoying a johnny cake and my second iced coffee.

Paul just called Zac and told him we would not be coming to tai chi this morning, but we will see him at Stacy’s house tonight for pot luck and to watch the secret movie. A group of us are getting together to watch the move, always fun to do something like this with friends and see what new insights come. I have been wanting to watch it again because the first time I did I fell asleep part way though (tv can be like a sleeping pill to me sometimes)

The next morning….

11 of us turned up to watch the movie. We had a delicious meal and then settled in to watch the movie. A few of us had already seen it, but we all found it a good reminder and it was nice to talk about what we got from it afterwards.

One of the things they talked about in the movie was to pay close attention to your feelings as a way of helping you connect with and create your desires. So today I am posting a feel good picture.

Pretty much every day when I am sitting here or walking around the Island I see one or more things / people that make me think how glad I am to be here. I think that is why many of us love being here as it has put put our joy meters on high.

Looking at palm trees and the Caribbean sea always makes me feel great

One thought on “Rain Rain

  1. Pam Hume-Engle says:

    Hello Lori, AKA Taco girl and everyone reading. It’s Pam.. friend of Renita and Cindy..part of Fab Five from the BD party. I miss SanPedro and everyone. I follow your blogs and enjoy the news and thoughts. We need the rain in Indiana! Going to Jimmy Buffet tonight at outdoor park. I’ll being thinkin of the island wishing we were there with the music and people!

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