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Doing Day

Today was a doing day. I had something to mail, so we stopped at the post office, then we went to perk for a coffee and planned our errands towards getting our paper work and being official here. We had to go see if our police report was in, we did not see our names on the white board list so I asked them who we need to call to check into it and the guy just said call Belmopan.

After that we went to our bank to get our letters of reference that we are in good standing. They were supposed to be done for Monday, but were not ready yet so the woman helped us and got them done right away, we were very lucky as she only charged us for one so it was $27.50 instead of $55 bzd. I told Paul on the way home we should stop and make a couple of copies, even though I know we will not likely use them up in time because they are dated, the extra copies made me feel like we were getting our monies worth.

When we got home, I called Belmopan and got shuffled around from person to person trying to get the right department. When I got the records office I could hear Cheryl who was helping me shuffling through papers looking for our names, and all the while I was sitting there thinking thanks for the good news in my head and hoping our phone card did not run out. She came back and asked if I was Lori R, I told her I was a different Laurie and that I had happened to see the other Lori on the list today at the San Pedro office, she laughed and then said our paperwork was sent out yesterday so it should be there by Friday or Monday. YAY.

We did not win at Bingo tonight but had a nice time with Stacy and Sam, Drummer Dan sat with us for a round too. Quite a few times one of us was 1 number away but it did not come up. Saw Teresa when we were getting ready to leave she is into joining us for tai chi classes.

Sam playing Bingo

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