Rain Rain Go Away

by tacogirl
ambergris caye belize

The current Belize weather in June welcomes us to the rainy season.  We have been getting more than our fair share of rain the past few days. It is unfortunate for those on vacation and those who are scheduled on the 2012 lobsterfest crawl events schedule that the weather in Belize isn’t cooperating.  I texted Cowboy for a rain report but never heard back. After the two weddings at Grand Caribe yesterday I am sure it is a slow moving morning up there.

Update on Maureen and Tracy’s volunteer vacation:

In spite of the rain Tracy has been working hard in San Mateo every day to get the first waste water garden built – hopefully this week. Maureen took the water taxi to Chetumal to look for supplies for the liner needed. After the fact they found out that pond liners are an available option on the mainland.

Tracy and Maureen will keep in good contact with Karina to be able to monitor how the system is working but hoping that they have good results and can continue with the much needed project.

Maureen and I were getting the boys lunch at Neri’s tacos the other day and snapped a few pictures of the start of the build. It made me sad to see one of those yellow tombstone sign down the road from Karina’s house that gave no acknowledgement to the San Mateo Empowerment Project for their outstanding road work they have done and instead just credited those who joined in by building a road that was sadly filled in with garbage.

Don’t forget to join the San Mateo Empowerment Project facebook page.

san pedro restaurant

Picking up lunch at Neri’s Tacos

belize weather

Dark clouds on horizon

Weather in Belize is Rainy

Dark Clouds to the North

san pedro belize weather

On our way north to deliver lunch

volunteer belize

Maureen and Tracy

belize food

Eating pork and chicken tacos in Boca Del Rio park

waste water garden ambergris cate belize

Start of the first waste water garden in San Mateo

waste water garden san pedro belize

Tracy has been working hard to build the first waste water garden

san mateo empowerment project

Sad taking credit for SMEP’s road work

beloze roads

Some large puddles on the back roads right now

rainy season belize

Taking tacoboy some pork tacos

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